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La Paz, Bolivia’s capital, clings to the mountaintops like a tenuous goat. Once one has adjusted to the altitude, wander through the sprawl of El Alto, the center of immigration and the indigenous Aymará people, then take in a traditional Peña song and dance performance over dinner. Attractions like the witches market, where you can almost ... Read more
literally buy “eye of newt" and "tongue of dog” are matched by traditional handicraft markets. The best restaurants (and the wealthiest residents) are found at the lowest altitudes at the bottom of the Prado, while plenty of accomodation from hostels to luxury hotels cater to the traveller on any budget.

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Oakland, California, USA

This mountain top high city sits at an altitude even higher than Machu Picchu. Any backpacker, foodie, or adventure traveler, will surely enjoy strolling the streets, sampling a new bar or cafe, and just make sure to find a vista point to see the colorful red mountains and enjoy the scenery of being in Bolivia!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

The world's highest capital sits at two miles above sea level and you'll feel it when you arrive. A thriving busy metropolis that's managed to preserve a sense of self and local culture. The food scene is thriving and there are some fantastic restaurants. A great base for planning explorations to other parts of the country.

Recommended for:FoodiesStudentsHistory Buffs
Foster City, California, USA

Very interesting city indeed. Just was amazed by the sprawling red rooftops of the city above and both sides of the cliffs to the valley below, as far as eyes can see.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
New York City

La Paz is not an attractive city in the classic sense, and there are no "must sees." BUT . . . the city has a color, energy and chaoticness that I find very appealing. La Paz is the highest capital in the world and you feel the lack of air right away, so take it slow first couple of days. I love the markets, the squalor - especially the market in El Alto the growing city "above" La Paz. Just watch your belongings if visit here though. Also, if come in May (first week) is the famous celebration of the Grand Parado. A must see!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackers
London, UK

For quite some time the city of La Paz has often been avoided by tourists, due to its rather dangerous reputation. However, the city is slowly starting to improve and for those that give it the chance it deserves won’t be disappointed. Sitting at 3660 meters above sea level, the city is right in your face from the word go, leaving you quite literally breathless after several days there. What it lacks in attractions, it more than makes up for with its character and quirky feel, leaving you with a certain level of fondness towards its crazy ways on departure.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersNightlife Lovers
San Luis Obispo

High in the Andes mountains, Bolivia's big city feels like an overgrown mountain town as you clamber around the hilly cobblestone streets in between bouts of coca tea and snacks. It's a good place to come in from the cold of trekking for a while and kick back with warm drinks, new friends and a cozy guesthouse bed piled high with alpaca wool blankets.

Recommended for:BackpackersFoodiesHistory BuffsStudents
Greater Los Angeles, California, USA

You will be SICK as a dog at least for a day or two. Make sure that you schedule in recovery time. The altitude is so high so unless you have been to Machu Picchu before coming here, you're going to be sick. Once acclimated, you should still go easy as people don't realize running a short sprint could trigger a migraine or breathing problems. drinking alcohol this high up is also unpredictable so carry a vomit bag with you.

That said, everything about this city is amazing. Amazing as in different, cultural, you feel like you're at a site where lots of beginnings of culture and people started, not Amazing like Paris Amazing. However, you won't find as many dog poo on the streets here like you would in Paris, which, btw, is so ridiculous.

Do not miss eating the saltena. I don't know how you would miss it though, considering there are thousands of saltena shops around the city. We went to Fridolin, because there are locations of Fridolin in Santa Cruz and we're elitists like that.

Don't miss the lake. How could you miss the lake? I missed the lake. So don't miss the lake!

Brisbane, Australia

Located in a small valley, La Paz is Bolivia's most important city. It is at extreme altitude so take it easy the first couple days as you adjust to the altitude. If you find yourself suffering altitude sickness get some coca tea which will help a lot. In the city you should definitely check out Catedral de San Francsico, the witches market, among other major sites. Also use La Paz as a starting point to explore Bolivia's highlands. Go to Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Much faster paced than Sucre. A difficult transition from such a place of peace to this delightful city but the ice cream and the parks with sloths hanging from the trees are definitely worth the visit!

Dublin, Ireland

La Paz what an amazing place. Once you get acclimatised to the altitude its quite the experience. Lots of colour & diversity & quite a gulf between the rich & poor. The ladies with the bowler hats would spend most of the days selling food & trinkets, at the side of the streets, often with their children in tow. They lead a very tough life, & when you visit the area where the embassies are it couldn't be more different, with houses that wouldn't look out of place in a very nice suburb of NYC. I spent a week here & couldn't get over how warm & friendly the people here are. I also tasted my first ever empanada & Que Bueno as the locals would say.