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    0.09 miPantages Theatre

    Pantages Theatre

    Ranked #5 overall in Hollywood things to do
    0.09 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    9.286 reviews
    Performing Arts, Theater
    Popular withArtsyNightlifeHistory

    I love this theatre. It's beautiful just the right size not too big not too small and all seats are great! The restrooms are clean but they could use a ...

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    0.09 miAvalon Hollywood

    Avalon Hollywood

    Ranked #60 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    0.09 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.129 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Tours, Classes and Rentals, Music Venue, Nightclub
    Popular withNightlifeTrendstersLGBTQ

    Avalon is great. Awesome sound and special effects. There's an upstairs balcony that is a great place to hang out, as well as the upstairs room (Bardot!) Great Halloween party ...

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    0.2 miGood Times at Davey Wayne's

    Good Times at Davey Wayne's

    Ranked #65 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    0.2 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.824 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife
    Popular withNightlifeTrendstersArtsy

    Probably one of my favorite speakeasies. You enter in through what looks like someone's garage with a random bouncer outside... You open the refridgerator door and it takes you to ...

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    0.18 miThe Hotel Cafe

    The Hotel Cafe

    0.18 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.913 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Jazz Club, Bar, Music Venue
    Popular withNightlifeTrendstersAdventure

    I have now been here a couple of times due to the fact that a lot of people in my circle are musicians and have played here. I love this ...

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    0.09 miBardot


    Ranked #19 overall in Hollywood things to do
    0.09 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.911 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Bar, Lounge, Music Venue
    Popular withNightlifeTrendstersAdventure

    Always been a fan if this lounge which is hidden inside of mega club Avalon. Definitely a hip place to visit on a Monday when they have KCRW's weekly "It's ...

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    0.13 miHollywood Farmers Market

    Hollywood Farmers Market

    0.13 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.011 reviews
    Shopping, Farmers Market
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarianTrendsters

    On Sundays from 8am-1pm, the Hollywood Farmers' Market is one of the biggest and baddest in the area. Here's my rundown of a typical haul: *What I buy* -Pluots in ...

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    0.21 miThe Fonda Theatre

    The Fonda Theatre

    0.21 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.99 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Performing Arts, Music Venue, Concert Hall, Theater
    Popular withNightlifeTrendstersHistory

    Set right in the heart of Hollywood on glamorous Hollywood Blvd, this theater has fantastic acoustics and a terrific setup. There is plenty of standing room that leads right up ...

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    0.12 miCapitol Records

    Capitol Records

    Ranked #24 overall in Hollywood things to do
    0.12 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    7.610 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Landmark
    Popular withArtsyNightlife

    Capitol Records began shortly after World War II, the founders choosing "Capitol" as a reflection of their location in Hollywood - the entertainment capitol of the world. The landmark Capitol ...

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    0.87 miHollywood Walk of Fame

    Hollywood Walk of Fame

    Ranked #2 overall in Hollywood things to do
    0.87 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    8.1392 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Popular, Attractions
    Popular withFamiliesHistoryAdventure

    After all the hype, I expected it to be more impressive. The walk could use some up keep.

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    0.97 miHollywood Bowl

    Hollywood Bowl

    Ranked #3 overall in Hollywood things to do
    0.97 mi from Hollywood Boulevard
    9.4226 reviews
    Performing Arts, Outdoors, Music Venue, Theater, Popular
    Popular withNightlifeArtsyFamilies

    What a spectacular place to watch a concert! Nothing better than enjoying a summertime show and then seeing fireworks at the end. Arrive early, bring some food and a bottle ...

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