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    2.17 miEpione Beverly Hills

    Epione Beverly Hills

    Ranked #7 overall in Beverly Hills things to do
    2.17 mi from Royce Hall
    10.049 reviews
    Wellness, Beauty and Spas
    Popular withWellnessLuxury

    Epione doing magic! Liposuction procedure went smooth and steady. Results from it were pretty much good. I really enjoyed how Simon is treating his patients. Clinic was clean and very ...

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    3.76 miBeverly Center

    Beverly Center

    Ranked #33 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    3.76 mi from Royce Hall
    8.258 reviews
    Shopping, Mall
    Popular withLuxuryTrendstersFamilies

    Beverly Center is hugeeee! It is amazing how beautiful this mall is, there is so many shops at this mall. From Versace to H&M, this place is so convenient!

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    4.32 miSunset Strip

    Sunset Strip

    Ranked #1 overall in West Hollywood things to do
    4.32 mi from Royce Hall
    8.452 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Shopping, Neighborhood
    Popular withNightlifeLuxuryHistory

    So many shop and restaurants to visit on the Sunset Strip. Also home of Whiskey a Go Go and Viper Room. Lots of celebs floating around. Great area to visit.

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    2.69 miGreystone Mansion and Park

    Greystone Mansion and Park

    Ranked #2 overall in Beverly Hills things to do
    2.69 mi from Royce Hall
    9.140 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Garden, Park
    Popular withAdventureLuxuryOutdoorsy

    Great place to go if you want to go take some photos. I brought my new camera out here to test it out. And best thing is that it is ...

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    4.97 miMain Street Santa Monica

    Main Street Santa Monica

    Ranked #5 overall in Santa Monica things to do
    4.97 mi from Royce Hall
    8.839 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Neighborhood
    Popular withFoodiesTrendstersNightlife

    Cool street not far from the house... Lots to do and see. Farmers Market on Saturday and Sunday. Shops, cafes, restaurants, consignment shops

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    1.56 miWestfield Century City

    Westfield Century City

    Ranked #37 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    1.56 mi from Royce Hall
    8.441 reviews
    Shopping, Mall
    Popular withLuxuryFoodiesFamilies

    This Westfield is out doors, which is a different field then the others. They have a lot of restaurants and high end stores, but it's not as big as the ...

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    4.8 miUrban Light

    Urban Light

    Ranked #39 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    4.8 mi from Royce Hall
    9.434 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Landmark
    Popular withArtsyFamiliesTrendsters

    Great structure to visit at the Museum beautiful place to take photography really fun place to take pictures and just visit for out of towners breathtaking

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    4.69 miPetersen Automotive Museum

    Petersen Automotive Museum

    Ranked #49 overall in Los Angeles things to do
    4.69 mi from Royce Hall
    8.233 reviews
    Sights and Museums
    Popular withHistoryFamiliesArtsy

    Pretty cool museum with lots of cool cars and exhibits. They also have the forza driving experience and their own restaurant. The museum entry ticket is only like $15 for ...

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    4.16 miSkybar


    Ranked #3 overall in West Hollywood things to do
    4.16 mi from Royce Hall
    8.727 reviews
    Bars, Clubs and Nightlife, Bar, Hotel Bar, Lounge
    Popular withLuxuryNightlifeTrendsters

    Have not been in a long time (which is why I gave it 4 stars). Great outdoor area and an even better view. Lounge poolside during the day and dance ...

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    4.24 miMuseum of Jurassic Technology

    Museum of Jurassic Technology

    Ranked #2 overall in Culver City things to do
    4.24 mi from Royce Hall
    8.525 reviews
    Sights and Museums, History Museum
    Popular withArtsyHistoryAdventure

    This is definitely a strange and wonderful discovery in the city. If you keep an open mind and don't expect a traditional museum, this can be a really unique and ...

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