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"Gateway to the south", "River City", "Derby City"-- no matter what you call it, Louisville Kentucky is more than the sum of its nicknames, and I'm not just talking about the eponymous slugger (official baseball bat of the Major Leagues, if you're keeping track). No, Louisville is more than the Kentucky Derby or the Louisville Slugger (be sure to ... Read more
visit the museum); Louisville is home to a vibrant bohemian culture (that's right-- Bohemian Kentucky). Explore the beautiful architecture of the Downtown and Highlands districts then check out the Douglass Loop for some culture (galleries, bars and cafes are sure to be teeming with life and the creative spirit). If you're itching to get outdoors, the Louisville parks system is a national treasure, and their newest addition, Waterfront Park, provides plenty of open space for lounging and vistas for admiring the Louisville skyline-- you may even run into an outdoor concert or festival if you're not careful!

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Located in the central United States, Kentucky experiences a climate typical to the region with four distinct seasons and temperatures that vary greatly between summer and winter. Winters can be cold and snowy ... Read more
with lows averaging around 23 (-5), while summers can get quite hot, humid and rainy with an average temperature of 87 (30). Spring and fall yield more pleasant weather and colorful scenery, perfect for enjoying a slew of outdoor activities, including touring Mammoth Cave, walking along the legendary Kentucky Bourbon Trail, and, of course, seeing the Kentucky Derby in May.

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Local from Louisville, Kentucky, USA

What is not to love about the city you grew up in? This expanding city on the northern side of the state of Kentucky has a lot to offer travelers who want a taste of real southern hospitality. When speaking of tastes, most of the world can recognize Kentucky from the famous fast food chain, KFC. That is a funny conversation starter among most, however the more seasoned travelers might come looking for the bourbon trail. Whether you are into horse racing, or passing through on highway 95, Louisville, Ky has a lot of culture, history, and art that is truly rare and exciting. The bluegrass state's biggest city continues to bloom. You must come see what the old LOU, and the NEW LOU has to offer.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Louisville has a lot to offer, but you have to work a little harder to find it. From quirky museums to horse racing, there is no shortage of things to do in this great American city.

Recommended for:Family TravelersTrendstersArt & Design Lovers
Greater Los Angeles, California, USA

Darling Italian restaurant in a converted old house in The Highlands area of Louisville, KY. Great atmosphere. Small. Charming. Delicious Food. $$$

Recommended for:FoodiesLGBTQHistory BuffsTrendsters
London, UK

Home of bourbon, horse racing, and a surprisingly good regional university.

Recommended for:StudentsHistory Buffs
Rochester, Minnesota, USA

We've been to Louisville a number of times, and there is always more to do and see, plus some great restaurants here.

New York City, New York State, USA

A third of the world’s bourbon whiskey comes from this Kentucky city, and locals toast their output during September’s National Bourbon Heritage Month. You can celebrate all fall, however, along Lousiville’s 34-stop Urban Bourbon Trail. One new stop is the Down One Bourbon Bar & Restaurant, which serves 120 bourbons, a pecan pie cocktail (bourbon with praline liquor and spiced cherry bitters), and whiskey brisket chili. For a non-alcoholic stroll, check out the foliage in Iroquois Park (designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, best known for NYC’s Central Park), and stay until after dark during October, when 2014’s Jack -O’-Lantern Spectacular features 5,000 carved pumpkins.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFoodiesHistory Buffs
Local from Louisville

Ugh......at times it can be nice. At times it's hell. It's a nice place to visit but not to live. The education system here is among the worst in the nation. Downtown lacks major retail and depends on bars. Don't even get me started when it snows or rains even an inch. Like I said nice to visit but don't move here.

Cocoa, Florida

Louisville is a wonderful city, full of wonderful people, and wonderful things to do. I've been there twice, and I'm looking forward to a "three-times-a-charm" third visit.

Hendersonville, Tennessee

Louisville has nothing to offer. Downtown, what 4th street live. We have no professional sports teams. The derby should be held in Lexington,Ky. Where thoroughbreds are raise.

Denver, CO

You can't go to Kentucky and not see downtown Louisville, home of the Derby. It's like a college town with a covered area where all the bars are and Churchill Down is massive and impressive. If you want to do the Bourbon Trail, my experience is here: http://blog.iexplore.com/2011/05/the-bourbon-trail-getting-lucky-in-kentucky.html