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A Portuguese colony for over 100 years, Macau was handed back to China in 1999 and now operates as a Special Administrative Region. Today, this multicultural city mixes history and modernity, with an economy that relies heavily on both tourism and gambling to fill its coffers. Although many shiny new hotels and casinos have sprung up as of late, ... Read more
like the MGM Grand, there are many historical aspects of Macau that still draw crowds, like the Ruins of St. Paul's and the A-Ma Temple.

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While high season in this popular city lasts most of the year, there are still some deals to be had during the mild winter and wet, scorching summer (although, between the two, the former is more highly ... Read more
recommended for a visit if you have a say in the matter). Spring has warm temperatures, but days can often be plagued by fog and drizzle. Late fall is really ideal, with pleasant temperatures and plenty of blue skies. Book well in advance if you are traveling during major Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year, Golden Week) as tourists from the mainland can arrive en masse.

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Macau is good for casino hopping.. Food wise ok, nice for staycation for few days.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodies
Klang, Malaysia

Macau is very near to Hong Kong, we arrived here by ferry. Macau is famous of its 'Egg'tart' and many famous spot to visit. There are many many Casinos here and here always very crowded especially Chinese from China came here very often.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersHistory Buffs
San Diego, California

After spending three weeks traveling all around China, our trip was to end in Hong Kong, but first we made a stopover in Macau. Now if you are a gambler, this place would be very exciting. I felt like we were plopped down into Vegas, with the MGM and other casinos to visit. They were very beautiful and looked almost like the ones in Vegas. There are much more interesting things in Macau though. Go to the old town area to see the historic fort and the Portuguese inspired buildings that are there. Among the throngs of people you will get a better idea of this Asian-Portuguese fusion area of China. Be prepared to go through customs coming and going, even though you are still technically in China. Wasted a few hours there for no apparent reason.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFamily TravelersHistory Buffs
Los Angeles, California, USA

Las Vegas of China, a lot of casinos of all shape and size. It is the most population density area in the world, nearly all the space is been use. Public Transportation is terrible and not great to live here, but good to visit.

San Jose, California, USA

Macau is like a version of Vegas where limited English is spoken. You'll see The Venetian, MGM, and Wynn, to name a few. Of course a Vegas-inspired city wouldn't be complete without the casinos. It gets more interesting: you'll see Chinese characters and Portuguese words/names in the signage, and Portuguese influence amidst all the Asian settings. Even in December, the cold weather is mild; unless you're from a hot climate, a light jacket (and maybe a scarf on a windy day) should suffice.

Recommended for:FoodiesFamily TravelersLuxury Travelers
Los Angeles, California, USA

Macau is like the Vegas of the East - casinos galore, not to mention all of the elaborate hotels (including the MGM and the Venetian). Despite all this, there are still enough temples and museums to make it a cultural trip as well. Though my M.O. when visiting was eating 24/7, which is not hard to do in Macau - the food is wonderful.

Recommended for:Family TravelersLuxury TravelersNightlife Lovers
Santa Clara, California, USA

Macau is a former Portuguese colony and is filled with bright, colonial-style buildings, casinos, and delicious Chinese-Portuguese fusion food. Make sure you try the egg tart. It's also a popular day/weekend trip from Hong Kong and is only an hour away by ferry.

Recommended for:FoodiesNightlife Lovers
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Macau is more than just casino. Because of its unique historic background, parts of Europe is breathing alive in this small country. Great looking churches around the city, old Chinese style back streets, Portuguese food, and the egg tarts... Only an hour away from Hong Kong by Ferry, Macau is certainly a unique place.

Recommended for:Business TravelersFoodiesLuxury Travelers
San Francisco, California, USA

I absolutely LOVE Macau. The Portuguese influence in culture, architecture and cuisine really make it for me. The local cuisine is fantastic, much like euro-comfort food mixed with traditional Chinese influences. You must try the egg tarts here. They are much like dim sum egg tarts, but they are burnt up on the top much like creme brulee. The historical buildings are gorgeous as well.

Then there are the huge casinos, but that's an entirely different part of Macau. They're cool, but I don't think you need me to explain them to you.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers
Kolkata (Calcutta), India

Although best known for gambling, Macau is extremely rich in attractions and oozing with atmosphere, thanks to hundreds of years of fusion between European and Chinese cultures.

Macau is a fascinating place to just walk around as the place is packed with churches, temples, fortresses and other old buildings bearing an interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics. Besides buildings, there are also hundreds of narrow alleyways forming a maze in the old part of Macau where the people of Macau carry out businesses and work. If the sheer density of humans get to you, take a break and enjoy several pretty gardens or head to the island.

One of the interesting things to see in Macau is a statue of the Bodhisatta Avalokitesvara (known as 觀音 kwoon yam in Cantonese) located next to the sea near the Sands Casino and MGM Grand. Despite being a Chinese deity, the statue is distinctly European in design and resembles the statues of the Virgin Mary you can find in Europe.

And if history is not your thing, there is the Macau Tower of awesome views and adventure sports, or Fisherman's Wharf to enjoy some theme-park activities and shopping.

You'll find most of the attractions in Macau Peninsula, but Taipa and Coloane, each with a pretty village, also draw hordes of visitors. Visit the Cotai reclaimed land area to see its transformation into the "Las Vegas Strip of the East". The Venetian is the most famous with its Venice-styled shopping mall with rivers running through, and is also currently the largest casino in the world.

The City of Dreams is a giant casino with high end fashion shops, a free video 'bubble' show, three hotels and the world's most expensive theatre show. The 'House of Dancing Water' cost US$250 million and the stage holds five olympic swimming pools worth of water. Ushers give the front few rows of the audience towels. Free shuttles from the main ferry terminal leave constantly.

Recommended for:Family TravelersWellness