Things to do near Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park

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    10.27 miHobbiton Movie Set

    Hobbiton Movie Set

    Ranked #1 overall in Matamata things to do
    10.27 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.418 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Entertainment, Guided Tour
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsyAdventure

    Hobbiton was #1 on my list of things to see when we went to New Zealand, and it did not disappoint! You check in at the visitor center/gift shop and ...

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    15.54 miWaimarino Adventure Park

    Waimarino Adventure Park

    Ranked #1 overall in Tauranga things to do
    15.54 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.02 reviews
    Children's Activities
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsy

    This is such a fun place to visit with children! Its just ten minutes drive out of Tauranga (you'll need your own car). Here you can kayak, rock climb, ride ...

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    34.33 miTe Puia

    Te Puia

    Ranked #1 overall in Rotorua things to do
    34.33 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    8.815 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Tours, Classes and Rentals
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesAdventure

    Te Puia is a geothermal park outside of Rotorua run by local Maori people (indigenous New Zealanders) It is home to many active geothermal features, and tours through the park ...

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    27.93 miZorb Rotorua

    Zorb Rotorua

    Ranked #3 overall in Rotorua things to do
    27.93 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.111 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Sports, Attractions
    Popular withAdventureFamiliesOutdoorsy

    You must try this if you are in the area. I did it with one friend and water inside a ball. It happens so fast and I couldn't really see ...

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    30.42 miLake Rotorua

    Lake Rotorua

    Ranked #4 overall in Rotorua things to do
    30.42 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    8.711 reviews
    Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Lake
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsyWellness

    Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake on the North Island, but it is actually quite shallow. Unfortunately, it really smells due to the high sulfur content so not that ...

  • 6
    38.45 miLake Okareka Reserve and Walkway

    Lake Okareka Reserve and Walkway

    Ranked #5 overall in Rotorua things to do
    38.45 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.88 reviews
    Shopping, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature
    Popular withOutdoorsyGreenHistory

    The 26km walkway is broken into eight distinct and unique sections, each providing visitors with a different perspective of New Zealand's natural wonders. Some sections wind through geothermal features, while ...

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    30.49 miSkyline Rotorua

    Skyline Rotorua

    Ranked #6 overall in Rotorua things to do
    30.49 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.36 reviews
    Outdoors, Other, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsyAdventure

    Took the Skyline up early in the morning and had the buffet breakfast in the Stratosfare restaurant. The views were a little bit overcast that day, so that was a ...

  • 8
    29.05 miHamilton Gardens

    Hamilton Gardens

    Ranked #1 overall in Hamilton things to do
    29.05 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    9.17 reviews
    Outdoors, Garden, Park
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamiliesGreen

    Voted "2014 Garden of the Year" by The International Garden Tourism Network, Hamilton Gardens is a delightful collection of flowers and architecture .

  • 9
    28.23 miVelocity Valley Adventure Park

    Velocity Valley Adventure Park

    28.23 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    10.01 review
    Entertainment, Ride
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsyFamilies

    Located near the Agrodome, around ten minutes outside of Rotorua, Velocity Valley is definitely for those who are seeking some thrills! They have a bungy jump, a giant swing, and ...

  • 10
    33.22 miMountain Jade Rotorua

    Mountain Jade Rotorua

    33.22 mi from Opal Hot Springs And Holiday Park
    10.01 review
    Shopping, Tours, Classes and Rentals, Jewelry Store
    Popular withArtsyHistoryLuxury

    As you travel around New Zealand, almost every person who lives there is wearing a "greenstone" necklace, which is actually jade that is mined in New Zealand. The Maori also ...

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