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Montpellier is France's fastest growing city over the last 25 years is a an important cultural center, with different festivals stimulating the senses all year. Cinema, music, dance and theater are all represented, at the Le Festival de Radio-France et de Montpellier and Le Printemps des Comédiens, among many others. Take the high-speed train line ... Read more
to this capital of the Languedoc region, which, although one of southern France's more undiscovered cities, deserves recognition for its Medieval architecture, sidewalk cafes, and, of course, culture.

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  • Place de la Comedie
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  • Promenade du Peyrou
    9.19 reviews
    Outdoors, Landmark, Scenic Lookout
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamilies
  • Arc de Triomphe
    8.88 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Monument
    Popular withLuxuryHistory
  • Musee Fabre
    8.97 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum
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Historic university city. Fabulous square. Take train from Beziers to city centre. Great day out.

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Montpellier is a city in Southern France. It’s the capital of the Languedoc Roussillon region, as well as the Herault department. Montpellier is the 8thy largest city of France. Nearly one third of the population is students from 3 universities and 3 higher education institutions. Sights to see: Place de la Comedie, Fabre museum, the botanical garden, the Saint Pierre Cathedral and The triumphal arch, Porte du Peyrou.

Recommended for:Family TravelersStudentsHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Capestang, France
First to Review

Loads of things to do in this university town turned big city. One of the most popular places to live and the fastest growing city in all of France, even make the top 100 places to visit in 2011 and the only city in France.

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Schlieren, Switzerland

I studied during two years in Montpellier and I had the best time of my life! A friend of mine juste published a travel guide about Montpellier, if you want to read more about the city!

Le Petit-Paris, France

part of my summer 2012 vacation an enchanting place in salagou Montpellier .

Albany, New York

For a city to have such a perfect blend of history and popular culture you'd think they'd have to work pretty hard at it...and Montpellier does. Dating from the times of the Roman's and before this Mediterranean flavored city has become France's fastest growing and youngest with well over 50,000 university students attending the three University of Montpellier campuses, themselves dating from the 10th century.

The city center is vibrant and spacious and is often the venue in which festivals and street entertainments occur. You need not pay a centime for a show in Montpellier but have a few dollars available to while away a few hours watching other people watch other people in a cafe near Place de la Comedie in the heart of the old city.

Travel to Montpellier is fairly easy with an international airport and a modern railway station (getting more modern by the minute as it was all torn up with construction the last time I was through). Flights arrive hourly from other european centers and trains as well from Paris in about 3.5 hours.

Once in the city get on the trams, brightly colored, ground level trains that swiftly and cheaply convey you just about anywhere you may want to go. To understand how they work get on the Montpellier Agglomeration website and look for transportation.

You can find a wide variety of cuisine throughout the city almost all of which is good with several outstanding example of Mediterranean fare. The ubiquitous McDonalds has claimed pride of place in Place de la Comedie but don't let that put you off your dinner. You'll find something more than suitable in the restaurant district on the opposite side of the same square.

If driving in Montpellier be aware that it is not for the faint of heart. The only way to navigate is by following the "place" signs. For example, no matter what you do you will eventually run across signs for "Gare" (Train station). Follow them and you will end up at the "Gare". Same for the Autoroute or "centre ville" (town center) and many others. Chances are if you want to go there there will be signs pointing the way all the way there. For parking int he downtown follow the sign for "P" (for parking) and park underneath the Place de la Comedie. It's cheap and easy bringing you right up into the action above. The train station parking (which is not open at the moment) is very expensive for longer term parking.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me, and have a great visit to the heart of "the other south of France". Bon Voyage!

Berkeley, California, USA

Very nice, college town. People are friendly, the weather is great, the beach is not far. Drink a beer on the steps and enjoy life.

Los Angeles, California, USA

Montpellier is split between the "French" thing and the "Mediterranean" thing. Not a bad mix!

Sunnyvale, California

This is a nice town to visit if you're going to be in the south of France. One of my favorite memories is the carrousel that is located right in the middle of town.

Local from Montpellier

the best city to live as a student!!