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The capital of Oman in the Middle East, Muscat is a storied city with a surprising amount to see and do. This beachside location is, like many other major Middle Eastern cities, seeing a repurposing of sorts as the leaders strive to prepare for life when the oil dries up. In Muscat, the idea is to bring in tourists, and with lots of great hotels, a ... Read more
plethora of museums, historic/natural attractions, and a relatively safe environment, this is certainly one effort that is gaining steam. In fact, as one of the world’s most historically rich locations, there are examples of past achievements all over the surrounding Muscat countryside. Life here is certainly different than most other areas, but great food and a lively atmosphere help ensure that visitors come away with fond memories. With places like Al Jalali Fort, Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, history tourism draws many people regardless of the accommodations.

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  • Kargeen Caffe
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    Middle Eastern & African, Cafe
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  • Ubhar
    9.33 reviews
    Local Traditional Cuisine
    Popular withFoodiesWellness
  • The Asian
    10.01 review
    Popular withVegetarianOutdoorsy
  • Mumtaz Mahal
    9.02 reviews
    Indian, Modern
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Foster City, California, USA

Muscat was an interesting city, almost all white buildings with a desert colored hills on one side and a deep blue gulf sea on other side. It was one of the most important sea ports for trading with India and rest of Asia.

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure Travelers
Nizwa, Oman

Oman's capital city has got lots to offer the intrepid traveller - miles of pristine coast line, coral reefs, dolphin spotting, scuba diving, dune bashing, sandboarding and world class rock climbing - all within the city limits. If you're tastes run more along historical/cultural lines, score some tickets to the Royal Opera House and while you're waiting, absorb the long, illustrious (yet relatively unknown) history of the Sultanate at Bait Al Zubeir or Bait Al Muzna after haggling for frankincense and pashmina till your throat's sore in Mutrah's stunning seaside souq. A sundowner of sheesha and fresh squeezed lemon juice with mint at the Oman Dive Center is a perfect way to top off a day in this little undiscovered corner of the Arabian Peninsula.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersFamily TravelersOutdoor EnthusiastsWellness
Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

A pleasant base for exploring the surrounding countryside. Be sure to visit Mutrah -- it is a highlight. Less glitz than other Gulf capitals but warm with authenticity even if the sights aren't spectacular.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersLuxury Travelers
Local from Muscat

best way to enjoy the coastline of Muscat is to take the day cruise and enjoy a good snorkelling!

San Jose, California

My daytrip around Muscat and to Nakhal Fort and a nearby oasis about an hour out of Muscat was a great intro to the dry, mountainous sultanate. It is clean, safe, with modern buildings (there was nothing here 40 years ago) and friendly natives (ask first to take pictures; you'll get a nod). The Fort is beautifully restored and offers a tiny glimpse into the life in such a structure. the views from the ramparts are of other crumbling forts (there seems to be one on every hill), the craggy mountains reaching up to 10,000 feet and the lush date palm groves surrounding the fort. The nearby oasis has a hot spring which feeds a shallow creek. Dip your feet in the warm water and get a "fish pedicure." Tiny fish will nibble on your toes - it tickles. In Muscat, visit the Sultan's Palace grounds, the small,but informative Bait Al Zubair Museum and definitely the souq, where you should shop for frankincense. After all, Oman is where it came from. The pale yellow crystals (it is a tree resin) are the best, with nice, distinct fragrance. Myrrh is also available (not as fragrant) and agar wood (very fragrant). You burn allof these in incense burners, also available in the souq. There is a giant sculpture of the incense burner on a hill right over the harbor. Enjoy.

Limbang, Malaysia

I think Muscat is a beautiful city. The people are nice and friendly. Its a must visit.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Only a 5 hr drive from Dubai but a world away in terms of ambience and experience. It is a city with all the modern amenities but with its heart in the Middle East. The ancient Arab culture mix very nicely with the modern in this (spotlessly clean!) town. I think a trip every 6 months for Dubai dwellers is critical to know that they are indeed living in the Middle East. Environs around the city offer incredible water activities, hiking, nature trek, historical locations and regional cuisine options.

Local from Muscat, Oman

muscat my home which i am save in it what can i say about it muscat you now what to me like mother to me i feel a warm come to visit muscat love home yes you well now it i know you well say right yousif said my thank to all

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A Calm and Friendly seaport city. Explore the little alleyways between the white buildings, and the covered Souk is worth it too.


Lived in Thumrait for a year and a half and Muscat was really a treat to go to. The humidity was bad at times, but overall Oman was a nice place to be at.