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The capital, largest city, and commercial center of the Bahamas, Nassau has a population of 260,000 possessing nearly 80% of the population of the country. However, the city is still quite laid back, with the low-rise pastel pink government buildings and giant looming cruise ships that dock daily. Nassau has a busy downtown, hosts the colorful ... Read more
night-time street parade Junkanoo, and was once a "Privateers' Republic" under the leadership of Blackbeard. By far the most popular place to stay is the The Atlantis Paradise Island and to eat, try Twin Brothers Fish fry @ Arawak Cay or Senor Frogs.

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  • Straw Market
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  • Cable Beach
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  • Bahamas Outdoors Birding & Nature Tours
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  • Cabbage Beach
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The Bahamas is one of those rare slices of paradise that enjoys gorgeous weather year-round. This is a place where 60 (15) is “cold”: most days, temperatures hover in the high 70s and low 80s (26-29). Most ... Read more
people head here when the winter weather at home gets them down, driving up prices and causing the beaches to be more crowded. To avoid bumping elbows with other tourists, visit during the off season (and feel good about huge savings on your hotel). However, having a beach all to yourself comes with a different price: June 1 to November 30 is hurricane season, so be sure to keep a (sunglass-covered) eye on the weather in case of a storm.

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I actually missed my cruise ship at this port and was stranded overnight until I got a flight back home. Everyone there was so friendly and accommodating! I had nothing but what I was wearing and what was in my backpack. A very nice taxi driver named Luke took us under his wing, took us shopping for clothes and necessities, found us a cute hotel, and made sure we had a great dinner! He turned our scary and stressful situation into an enjoyable trip of a lifetime!

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I was quite disappointed with the stop in Nassau on our cruise. There really isn't a lot there and what us there is so touristy. Considering the amount of money that flows through this place, it could be so much more.

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Saint-Cloud, France

Beautifully city with a lot of thing to offer. First of all, the kindness of the population is extremely important there!

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New York City, New York State, USA

The best known island in the Bahamas is also the most developed, making it less ideal for nature lovers, but perfect for families looking for an all-inclusive experience and great for those who love big resorts with lots of activities.

San Francisco, California, USA

This is s popular stop for cruise ships, but I wouldn't recommend getting off the boat. There's not a lot to see and locals are trying to sell you anything. There is nothing at the Atlantis resort that the public can use for free except the casino.

Recommended for:Luxury Travelers
Austin, Texas

Nassau is a great place to visit in the Bahamas, complete with shopping, dining, great beaches, an amazing casino, and plenty of activities to enjoy in the water.

Alpharetta, Georgia

The beach is beautiful. The shops are so cool to look at and shop in. It rains a tad bit too much but I would definitely go back.

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St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

I always enjoy Nassau and always find something new and different to do there. Atlantis, Cable Beach, a ride on a bus to the local mall, shopping, snorkeling. Never a shortage of things to do here. Hire a boat driver for a few hours too.

Recommended for:History BuffsOutdoor Enthusiasts
Santa Clara, California, USA

Nassau is the capitol and the largest city in the Bahamas. Nassau, like the rest of the Bahamas is washed in tourism money, so you'll see plenty of expensive vacation homes and ritzy resorts. For these reasons, Nassau is not cheap. Regardless, it's the main arrival area to enter the Bahamas and is worth a visit.

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

This is a beautiful place! We did the under water submarine and it was a lot of fun. Go below to see marine life or above to see tons of sights including Oprah's vacation home!