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The Netherlands is a bit like a can of sardines – not only is it the densest nation in the EU, but it also packs some of the world’s most interesting cities into its small landmass (most of which lies below sea level). This nation has changed hands various times over the ages, but the influences have melded to create a flavor that is uniquely and ... Read more
decidedly Dutch. The iconic city is Amsterdam, famous for its canals, masterpiece canvases and bawdy pleasures. In The Hague (Den Haag) a wave of pomp-and-circumstance will come over you, as it's the seat of the Dutch government and home to various international judicial organizations. Head to Maastrict for a walled city filled with medieval architecture and Delft for its famed delicate blue-and-white pottery. As you travel through the Low Country, you’ll find that an affinity for cycling is a constant, and this is a great way to see the expansive and flat countryside. And, everywhere you look, you'll find the Netherlands two other iconic images: windmills and tall people.

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  • Amsterdam Canals
    9.1291 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Landmark
    Popular withOutdoorsyAdventure
  • Van Gogh Museum
    9.0242 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum, History Museum
    Popular withArtsyHistory
  • Anne Frank House
    9.0219 reviews
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    Popular withHistoryFamilies
  • Red Light District
    8.0249 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Entertainment, Neighborhood
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If good weather is what you seek, visit Holland in July and August when temperatures are in the warm upper-60s (18-20), all of the major attractions are open and the weather is just right for soaking up some ... Read more
sun at a sidewalk cafe. However, enjoying Holland’s summer weather comes with a price: hotels and flights are more expensive and museums are packed. Other times of the year will be significantly less crowded and cheaper, and come with their own perks. For example, visiting in April means seeing the fields burst with color from freshly blooming tulips. Heading here in the winter might mean enduring cold, foggy, dark and damp weather, but you’ll also score travel deals and have museum masterpieces all to yourself.

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  • The Pancake Bakery
    9.730 reviews
    Breakfast & Brunch, Crepe, Bakery
    Popular withFoodiesVegetarian
  • Foodhallen
    9.428 reviews
    Street Food & Stands
    Popular withFoodiesTrendsters
  • Winkel 43
    9.134 reviews
    Breakfast & Brunch, Bar, Cafe
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  • Burgermeester
    9.418 reviews
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Solo Female Travel Tips

Very safe. Exercise caution around the historic Red Light District, even though the area is prominent and well-populated. "At night, walk near crowds and well-lit areas if you feel unsafe, though there is no particular inherent danger in walking ... Read more
alone here." The Dutch are very friendly and willing to help with directions and advice.

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its Solo Female Traveller Tribe to compile woman-to-woman safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.


This is a 'one of the few countries where you can hold hands and kiss publicly without fearing for your safety.' There are plenty of 'LGBT friendly hotels, bars and cultural attractions.' Many gave a 'special mention to the Amsterdam Canal Pride' - ... Read more
important to visit at least 'once in a lifetime.' Basically, 'Everywhere is gay friendly' and most people 'didn't face any safety issues'.

Trip by Skyscanner surveyed its LGBTQ Tribe to compile safety tips for this destination. While no one destination is ever completely safe or unsafe, our hope is that this information will allow users to make their own decisions with better information.

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Oakville, Canada
First to Review

I loved it. The beauty of the country is breathtaking. People are friendly and there is so much to see and do that a week won't be enough. Very close to Brussels, so take the fast train for a day trip!

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Yes, it is a bit confusing all those names for such a small country that you hardly can find back on the map. But let me help. The meaning of Netherlands, Nederland, Holland and in French in Pays Bass simply means lowlands. And Dutch is the English name for our language Nederlands, and no DUTCH is not German! Our country has 12 provinces, I will mention them all. North Holland with its capital at Haarlem, South Holland with its capital the Hague, Zeeland with the capital Middelburg, Friesland with the capital Leeuwarden, Groningen with its capital Groningen, Flevoland with capital in Lelystad, Utrecht with its capital Utrecht, Overijsel with the capital Zwolle, Drenthe with the capital city Assen, Gelderland with the capital city Arnhem, North Brabant with the main city of Den Bosch and Limburg with the capital Maastricht. And the capital of the Kingdom of Netherlands is Amsterdam. Sometimes it is a pity that only tourists visit Amsterdam, while many more, especially on historical and in the field of art, you’ll in other cities too. Netherlands is a Kingdom with parliamentary democracy, and is among the top 10 of the world when it comes to civil satisfaction and good health. Pleasant for foreign visitors is that most of my fellow countrymen speak one or more foreign languages. On GoGoBot you can find some reviews of Nederlandse City’s, and off course my city Amsterdam.
You can also visit my blogs for more Amsterdam information:

Have fun!

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Klang, Malaysia

We decided to visit Netherlands as we thought we heard many about Holland like Dutch Lady Milk, Red Light District and last year tragedy, we must visit Netherlands no matter it is still cold to us.

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Denver, Colorado, USA

We rode Dutch bikes through the countryside in The Netherlands on June 6, 7, and 8, 2012. Tulip Cycling provided excellent RIH handmade bikes, a great tour from town to town, with scenic routes, and a Garmin GPS for our use. Peter Vos transported our luggage to each hotel, so it was there waiting for us when we arrived.

We have taken cycling vacations with VBT abd Backroads in the past (in Tuscany and Provence), and although I had not enjoyed The Netherlands on previous trips (cold and windy), this trip was terrific. I'll look forward to visiting Holland again. Peter planned a trip for us from Arnhem, visiting Appledoorn, Zutphen, Deventer, and others. The food in Deventer is worth an entire trip to The Netherlands. We had dinner with friends at Deikhuis in Deventer, just across the river from the main square, and were served many courses of the chef's choosing - straight from their organic garden nearby. The poultry we ate came from a farm owned by the family of our waiter! Unforgetable meal. The next morning, we went in search of breakfast, and although not much was open (The town is hopping all night with a carnival, but seemed to be sleeping in that morning!), we found a friendly family in a quaint and nicely decorated restaurant called Volkshuis. We asked if they were open, and the man said he'd make us a nice breakfast. He asked what we did and didn't like, and we sat with our coffee and juice, wondering what was going to arrive. The plates that were placed in front of us contained the best breakfasts we've ever had, and were so abundant that he wrapped up the rest of the exquisite cheeses and breads for us to take for lunch. Deventer changed my opinion of Dutch food.

Tulip cycling is a top-notch, consciencious choice for seeing the greatest parts of The Netherlands, and we've been recommending it to our Dutch friends as well.

The Hague, Netherlands

Holland is more than Amsterdam and the Netherlands is a country offering more than cheese, clogs and canals! For a civilized vacation with the family, visit "The Hague." The "heart of the Randstad", Holland's green government city with a 11km stretch of coastline on the North Sea, is a favorite with northern European surfers and kite boarders. Cyclists love the city's extensive network of well marked bicycle trails interconnecting the city's historic cultural centrum with parks, gardens and the historic seaside village of Scheveningen. Rent a bike or take a canal boat ride from The Hague to Delft to experience the city like a local! Dutch public transport connections throughout the country country are flawless, making movement around the tiny country modern country feel to a tourist like an extended ride at an attraction park! The Hague is an ideal base form which to explore Amsterdam, Delft, Leiden and the Keukenhof!

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New York City, New York State, USA

Only fun in Amsterdam - outside is mostly field. But people are so nice - like my friends...

London, UK

Tulips are as synonymous with the Netherlands as Amsterdam. In spring, entire fields are carpeted in vibrant flowering glory. Explore them on countryside gallivants by bicycle. Keukenhof Gardens is celebrated for rows upon rows of neatly prescribed tulips, draping landscapes as far as the eye can trace. Open only from mid-March to mid-May, spring blooms are an annual highlight. If you’re in Amsterdam and time is short, don’t miss Singel canal floating flower market, the only one in the world. It’s open daily. The vivid institution embodies spring as floating barges are bursting in swathes of red, pink, orange and yellow hues.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I fell in love with this place immediately. My first impressions of The Netherlands was traveling from Paris across the countryside towards Amsterdam. Such a beautiful country and pretty much completely flat which has also made for a healthy population of biking enthusiasts! Amsterdam makes this a must do on the the Euro backpacker travel itinerary. Famous for their windmills eco remains a big focus in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is very LGBT friendly and was the first country to legalize gay marriage. The history of this country and the city of Amsterdam is like no other, considering that the country reclaimed land from the sea through dams in order to create the famous city of Amsterdam!

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Miami, Florida

Beautiful place, really nice and you can see most people using bikes everywhere!

Kiryat Gat, Israel

Netherlands is the best Country in Europe great People beautiful country and beautiful woman good food i love Netherlands :))))))))))