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From the biggest party in the U.S. to its colonial-era French influence, The Big Easy is a perennially favorite among travelers, and arguably the most unique of America's cities. Visitors spend most of their time in the charming French Quarter, a neighborhood that shines with its original colonial architecture intact. Here you will find the ... Read more
legendary Bourbon Street, home to numerous bars and nightclubs. Not far away you'll find Jackson Square, a monument to President Andrew Jackson who led U.S. forces to victory against the British in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. Across the street is a true New Orleans institution: Café du Monde, home to the fabled beignets (a French doughnut) and coffee. The annual Mardi Gras celebration takes place in February, when masked partygoers fill the streets to be a part of the biggest celebration of its kind in the country. New Orleans’ dining options are just another reason why this city is one-of-a-kind, with distinctive dishes like muffuletta, jambalaya, and gumbo. Hotels are available across the city, but just be prepared for a loud night if you opt to stay in the French Quarter. Although New Orleans has suffered from Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, the city’s lively history and its Cajun charm keep tourists coming back year after year. The old New Orleans motto, “laissez les bons temps rouler,” French for “let the good times roll,” captures the essence of the heartbeat of Louisiana.

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  • The French Quarter
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  • Bourbon Street
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  • Jackson Square
    9.3193 reviews
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  • Audubon Zoo
    9.6125 reviews
    Zoo or Aquarium
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The big annual draw for visitors to New Orleans is the season from February through May when the city’s most famous events (Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, and more) turn the Big Easy into party central. While the ... Read more
weather is usually pretty tolerable during this season, you will need to book early -- up to a year in advance -- to ensure you get a hotel reservation. Summer can be stiflingly hot, but autumn sees temperatures drop back down into the 80s (below 32C) and there are plenty of cultural activities to keep you busy, making this an ideal off-peak time to visit. Just be sure to check the weather for any trip between June and November, as there is always potential for a hurricane.

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New Orleans is great! I stayed at the French Quarter so I could be close to many places! Don’t forget to try Beignets!

Recommended for:FoodiesNightlife Lovers

Mothers Restaurant and of course the Hurricanes! Nola is full of delicious food, history, music. It’s a colorful place! Exciting!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife Lovers
Brooklyn, New York State, USA

I loved this city first time here and will definitely return ran the half marathon and explored a little near more days when I return

Recommended for:FoodiesAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers

New Orleans is like a visit to the Islands, France, Spain and other places rolled into one! If you are a history buff, you have come to the right place. So much history to be found! The War of 1812, Civil War, World War II Museum. Come on, this is the place to come! Not to mention the fabulous food and music! It a fantastic visit...once is not enough, you’ll be back!

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersFamily TravelersFoodies

You can’t ask for a better vacation in the states!!! There is definitely something for everyone to do.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFoodiesAdventure TravelersNightlife Lovers
Jackson, Michigan, USA

New Orleans is an amazing city. It is chocked full of fascinating history, loaded with fun things to do on various different levels, the people are incredibly kind and the food, oh my goodness, the food is absolutely the best of the best! In fact; if you are looking for a long-weekend getaway where you can eat, drink and be merry? Well, NOLA is 110% your vacation city!

With the above said, I feel that I owe it to you to inform you of the smell, yes, I said smell, of Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is quite the fun time; there is many different genres of fantastic music playing, performers littering the street, and more people watching than you can even imagine. However, Bourbon Street is definitely one of the smelliest places I have visited! Without going too much into detail of the smell, it is not pretty but it is oh so worth experiencing. Also, for obvious reasons, the smell is worse when you visit during hot and humid months; late Spring through early Fall.

My favorite time of year to visit New Orleans, however, is in March and April. Early Fall is likely another great time to visit; however, I have not been there during this time of year. That said, I have heard the temperatures are fairly similar to March and April.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsNightlife LoversSolo Female Travelers
Local from New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is HOME! There's no other place in the world quite like this. You can't go wrong anywhere with the food. The best thing about New Orleans, is that once you're downtown, everything is in such close proximity that you can really just walk every where. There's so much history and culture in this city and you can feel it.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodiesHistory Buffs
Clearwater, Florida, USA

Lots of fun history to see and beautiful old buildings. Loved the history here.

Recommended for:Family TravelersHistory BuffsAdventure TravelersNightlife Lovers
Local from New Orleans

The close proximity of delicious drinks and yummy food is any Foodies' dream come true. We were in New Orleans for only three short days and managed to find authentic crawfish, gumbo, jambalaya, along with delicious coffees and not to mention adult beverages anytime you deem necessary. ❤

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

It was beautiful! I was looking forward to coming here for the summer!! Downtown was amazing there were these horses and some shops and everyone was so nice!!

Recommended for:Family TravelersAdventure Travelers