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When some people think of Nicaragua, they think of the civil war of the 1970s and '80s. Let them. You'll have more of this strikingly beautiful country to yourself. The second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere (after Haiti), Nicaragua is stepping its toes into the future, but slowly. Need a taxi in colonial Granada? Try hailing a ... Read more
horse-drawn carriage. Looking for a beach devoid of tourists? You'll have your choice of dozens, on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. While Managua doesn't offer much for tourists, the charming town of Granada mixes colonial architecture with a backdrop of forests and a volcano (one of Nicaragua's 19, most accessible to hikers). Nearby is Lake Nicaragua, home to freshwater sharks and the twin-volcano island of Ometepe, the perfect spot for a leisurely bike ride or kayaking trip. Nicaragua's late entry into the tourism market means it's had plenty of time to consider cultural sustainability. Tourism cooperatives offer rural homestays, tours of coffee plantations and classes on Nicaraguan cooking or medicinal plants. Oh, did we mention the waves venerated by surfers world-wide, the healthy and flavorful cuisine, the sea turtle nature reserves or the tropical rainforests?

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  • Laguna de Apoyo
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  • Masaya Volcano National Park
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  • Isletas de Granada
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If you are staring at an open calendar wondering when to go to Nicaragua, choose December. Yes, travel is technically possible at any time of year, but early December is when the rainy season has just let up, ... Read more
all of the plants are still at their lush and verdant best, and the temperatures haven’t yet crept back up to the dry season’s scorching highs. Nicaragua loves a good holiday party, so the beaches are either the place to be or the place to avoid (depending on your temperament) around Christmas, New Year’s and Easter. The rainy season from May through late November is usually characterized by showers in the afternoon and evening, which means you’ll have plenty of time to get your sightseeing done in the morning if you want to grab a good deal in this off season.

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New York City, New York State, USA

Lovely Nicaragua! The country is both the largest and poorest in Central America. Colonial cities, gorgeous beaches, and peaceful lakes all still seem undiscovered by tourists. The people are welcoming and excited for visitors to discover their country. Go for volcano hikes, monkey watching, and coffee before too many people catch on to this gem.

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London, UK

The 2015 Central American starlet, Nicaragua, is buzzing with planned boutique hotel openings, discrete tourism and a landscape of mountains, volcanoes, lakes and brilliant beaches spanning two coastlines. With the oldest Spanish colonial history in the region, Nicaragua’s rivalling its neighbours and stepping out. San Juan del Sur has long been the Surfer’s insider secret. Little Corn Island is a tiny pocket of paradise, where life is the essence of chill. Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America, is peppered with hundreds of tiny islands, ‘Las Isletas,’ easily navigable by boat.

Then there are the colonial cities. Bohemian Leon bears the largest Church in Central America while Granada is classic colonial city. Colourful churches, characterful houses and narrow alleyways are flanked by tiny cafes. Luxury abounds at Jicaro Island Ecolodge, on its own private island. A must try is Mukul Beach Golf & Spa, changing the face of luxury in Nicaragua, with locally-designed private pool villas.

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Local from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

With over six years of experience guiding mission trip groups, SURFari trips, and vacation travels around Nicaragua, I would be happy to help you plan your travels and provide you with transportation, translations, boards, surf instruction (if needed) , and local lodging and eats recommendations all over Nicaragua's coast.

You can check out my website - or contact me directly to start discussing possible adventures.

My rates are incredibly fare, making my service affordable to almost everyone interested in exploring the surf and beaches along Nicaragua's coast.

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Sonoma, California, USA

We have been to Nicaragua many times. we even purchased some beachfront land there. (Still have to build on it). It is a safe, friendly country. Grenada and Leon are both Colonial cities, but with different vibes. San Juan Del Sur is the surfer's paradise. Ometepe is an amazing volcanic island in the middle of Colciboca. And corn Islands (Big Corn and Little Corn) are amazing as well! Little corn: boat ride from hell to get there, but so worth it! no roads, only footpaths. Like Gili Islands in Indonesia, but more laid back.Divers paradise.

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Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

I loved Nicaragua and the country has a lot to offer -- beaches, hiking, volcanoes, colonial architecture, great seafood and plenty of outdoor activities. Less developed but much nicer than Costa Rica. Safe and relatively easy to navigate without feeling commercial.

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London, UK

As the largest country in Central America, breathtaking Nicaragua is known as 'the country of lakes and mountains’ due to its spectacular landscape. It's dotted with climbable mountains, active mountains and swimable crater lakes. Head out to The Corn Islands for superb scuba diving, explore ancient ruins and go horseback riding through the jungle at Monkey Point. Hostels as cheap as £5 per night.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

If you look for something different, i recommend Nicaragua. Not too many tourist (yet...) and some beautiful places to go. I highly recommend to visit Leon (take a sand board ride down the Cerro Negro), Granada (don't miss laguna de apollo, and try the canopy on the Mombacho), Isla Ometepe (better to stay near the Maderas mt.), Sun Juan del Sur & Playa Majagual.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Throughout Nicaragua you can find their classic Toña. It's a lighter beer but it's not too bad. They also have a beer called Victoria that is light and taste just as good, if not better!

Rockville, Maryland
First to Review

Everyone who visits Nicaragua falls in love with the country and its people. Too bad it has a bad reputation because of what people remember from the civil war in the 1980's. Believe it or not, it's the second safest country in Latin America, and certainly safer than Costa Rica...don't take my word for it. Look it up to see I'm correct.


Go if you've never been! But only if you are not arrogant! :) It is too cool of a place for arrogance!