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Counting all the fjords, lakes, mountains, glaciers and other natural landmarks that draw millions of visitors here would be impossible, so the best thing to do in this bitterly cold but remarkably gorgeous nation is enjoy all it has to offer. Once a Viking Kingdom, Norway has come a long way from its days of village-pillaging and ... Read more
castle-plundering, as it is now one of the world’s wealthiest nations. This makes tourism easy and the best attractions highly accessible and very safe. Most visitors take their first Norwegian breath in Oslo, a city known more for its natural surroundings than for traditional metropolitan attractions. Once out of the city and into the countryside, soak up the fruits of a marvelously scenic nation. During the summer, take a boat out on of the many fjords or go for a hike on one of Norway’s skyscraping peaks. During the winter, skiing (both alpine and cross-country) dominate the list of activities, so be ready to hit the slopes.

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National Day on May 17 is cause for great celebration in Norway. It officially marks the day when the country’s constitution was signed, but in its modern iteration, the holiday is a giant party to welcome the ... Read more
arrival of warm weather after an incredibly long, very cold (we’re talking months on end below freezing) winter. This is a great low-season time to visit the country and take part in the festivities that fill the streets of Oslo and other towns. The bulk of the tourists arrive between June and September when temperatures peak at about 68F (20C), and from November to April when snow blankets the country and draws in the winter sports enthusiasts. Keep in mind that even in summer, temperatures at night rarely top 55F (13C), so you’ll want some heavy layers, no matter when you travel.

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  • Bryggekjøkkenet
    9.02 reviews
    Ice Cream and Desserts, Diners
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  • Solsiden
    9.65 reviews
    Seafood, Local Traditional Cuisine
    Popular withFoodiesNightlife
  • Mocca Oslo
    8.01 review
    Coffee and Tea
  • Campo de' Fiori
    8.01 review
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Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

My first solo trip baby... and it was Norway all the way! :) I was longing to visit Norway for quite a few years and never quite found the right company. So I decided to go myself! :) It's such a safe place for solo females to travel, don't think twice, just go!
Everything was so pure and green and fresh, I felt so alive here! Oh the beautiful landscapes, those gorgeous fjords, long and winding roads, green pastures, various shades of blue water/green water, rocky to snow capped mountains, Norway offered me every bit of what I had hoped and dream of a delighted me completely. I mostly stayed at Airbnb places as it was cheap. Only at Flåm I stayed at a shared hostel and found that to be so much fun! I was a little apprehensive about shared hostels as it was my first solo travel! I would highly recommend first time solo female travellers to book hostels as they are safe! It's the right place to meet other fellow solo travellers! I made some amazing friends during my journey and exchanged bucket lists.
I visited Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Trondheim, Bodø, Leknes, and Tromsø across a period of 15 days in Jun/July! So I had long days! I even saw the mid night sun rays in Tromsø! I tried various modes of transport from planes, trains, buses, cycle, cruise, and kayaking! It was the best part of my life! And I still wanted to see more!
Can't wait to come back again to this beautiful country. :)

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New York City, New York State, USA

Norway is an outdoor lover's dream destination. The beautiful Scandinavian country is full of deep fjords, windswept islands, glacial lakes, empty hiking trails, and interesting small cities. Do yourself a favor here--rent a car, get away from the crowds, and see the the countryside on your own. With the midnight sun during the summer, you'll have plenty of extra hours to explore.

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Amazing! Loved every moment from the boat tour around the fjords to the amazing sculpture parks and the lively nightlife! I am a huge Scandinavia fan, everything is so lovely, ordered, clean and feels unique. The only drawback are the extremely high prices but with Norwegian Air's incredibly cheap prices you can visit the far north and still save. I would love to visit Norway again someday!

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New York City, New York State, USA

The best way for solo travelers to experience an expensive country that’s 1,000 miles long: aboard one of the Hurtigruten coastal steamers that sail up the coast of Norway, into the city of Bergen, and through some of the country’s most beautiful fjords, stopping at dozens of ports along the way. Or sign up with a local outfitter for a multiday trek along the fjords, with accommodations ranging from comfortable hotels to mountain huts. The northern lights are gratis.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

We did a 10-day self-drive tour of Norway called Fjord Splendour offered by Authentic Scandinavia. The company gives you a detailed itinerary and makes hotel reservations for all nights. We had a wonderful trip. The itinerary was very interesting and well planned - we had no problems following any of the instructions or driving directions. All hotels were comfortable and well located. The itinerary included Flam Railway, Sognefjord, Balestrand, Geiranger Fjord Cruise, Troll Road, Atlantic Ocean Road, Håholmen Island, Trondheim, overnight cruise with Hurtigruten (with our car), Bergen. We drove through some very scenic curvy roads in the mountains and many long and short tunnels, went on a scenic train ride, took a couple of fjord cruises, and crossed fjords with our car using ferries.
The mountains are spectacular. There are so many waterfalls, and they are very ferocious – water comes down swirling and rushing like someone just opened a huge faucet on the top of the mountain. The roads are made so well, the water runs through the pipes under the road whenever it gets in a way of a waterfall. Drive through the mountains was very tricky – roads are curving all the time, they are narrow, two cars in opposite direction could barely pass at some points (luckily, the traffic was light). If you are high up in the mountains and get into clouds, it’s hard to see – at one point there was almost zero visibility and it was pretty scary.
Our trip was in July – probably the best time to travel there, but still the weather was unpredictable – sometimes overcast, foggy and raining at times. We did have sunny days as well. Everything looks brighter, more spectacular and greener on a sunny day. Green color there is so vivid and striking – we haven’t seen anything like that anywhere. It even looked unnatural. No wonder, of course, that everything is so green – it rains so much there.
Overall, it was a fantastic and unforgettable trip!

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Menlo Park, California, USA


A comeback is always exciting! Even when it's the resurgence of a onetime Olympic sport once again attracting attention. Originating in Scandinavia, this unique sport is something akin to cross-country skiing with your dog -- but in this case you're just being pulled along! Skijoring ("ski-driving" in Norwegian) is an exhilarating yet highly functional way to get you and your dog into the outdoors for some exercise mid-winter. The set up is simple: a dog is outfitted with a sledding harness and a towline is then tied to a belt worn by a skier. The perfect recipe for team work -- or at least one would hope! Competitively, skijoring races can run 4-12 miles in length and once moving, skijorers can reach speeds of up to 25 mph.

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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

There are very few countries that I think have it all. Norway's best appeal is its incredible views of fjords, mountains and picturesque country-side. Popular with adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, Norway also has a lot to offer people looking for something a little different. There's a vibrant and welcoming culture here, which makes the country even more appealing!


"SKAL & HYGGE!" all night long, and winter is one llllloooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggg night!


Drove from Røros to Trondheim through Trollstigen to Bergen to Fredrikstad through curvy roads, tunnels and ferries. Stayed at cabins, motels, hotels, bed-and-breakfasts. Beautiful country, wonderful people, great times.

Turku, Finland

I only spend one day here

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