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You glide over the crystal waters and through papyrus reeds in a traditional canoe. Your boat's handler sings melodic traditional Setwana songs as hippos bark in the distance and a fish eagle mournfully cries overhead. This is wilderness unlike any other. The Okavango Delta is among the world's largest inland water systems and one of Africa's last ... Read more
few truly wild places. Whether you're staying at a secluded luxury lodge or riding a dugout canoe, called a mokoro, to a rustic bush camp the experience is amazing and often rated as a highlight of an African adventure. There's a wealth of wildlife, incredible sunsets, and fantastic scenery. The government of Botswana has made efforts to keep the Delta untainted and have done so by making it relatively exclusive.

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  • Mokoro Safari
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  • African Quadripoint
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  • Wilderness Air
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  • Lake Ngami
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Fremantle, Australia

If you're looking for a wildlife and nature experience in Africa, this is not to be missed! The government of Botswana has made efforts to keep the Delta relatively exclusive. This means that most of the lodges, while beautiful, are pricey. For a budget option, you can get really close to nature and take a bush camp and mokoro safari for around $140 for 3 days. I've spent a lot of time in Africa and seen a lot of places in it. I've been to the Delta at least 15 times and it is still in my top 5 African destinations.

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Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

Absolutely magical. No other way to describe it. Carefully managed to keep tourism controlled -- means it is expensive but also worth every penny. We never saw more than one other jeep of visitors on our safaris. The lodging is luxurious, the food is excellent, and the people are incredibly friendly.

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New York

The Okavango Delta offers one of Africa's premiere safari experiences - and the government of Botswana works hard to keep it that way. Very different from the bush of Zimbabwe's Hwange, South Africa's Kruger, or the Kenya experience - the Okavango seems more still, more quiet, more remote. Not to be missed.


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Wilderness safaris are the ultimate experience In the Dellta. Camping in ultimate luxury, getting so close to the wild-life a truly awesome experience

Prague, Czech Republic

my love

Jackson Heights, New York State
Santa Clara
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan