Just south of San Francisco, Palo Alto is home to some of today’s most influential Silicon Valley companies. Stanford University adds another intellectual element with its vibrant research and academic community. Biking is popular in this affluent California city on the cutting edge of many tech developments, or travel on your own two feet on the ... Read more
popular Stanford Dish Trail. Head Downtown for a classy taste of NorCal nightlife.

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  • Stanford Shopping Center
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  • Stanford Dish Trail
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    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Hiking and Nature, Hiking Trail
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  • Stanford Stadium
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  • The Wine Room
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Palo Alto


Silicon Valley, is, for the most part, spared from the chilling effects of the thick fog that plagues its neighbor San Francisco. Temperatures are pleasant all year, although there can be a number of peaks and ... Read more
dips outside that range, so bring layers no matter when you decide to visit. Rains are fairly common during the winter, but almost unheard of from May through October, so if you are planning on taking advantage of the area’s many outdoor activities (rather than haunting the halls of tech offices), this is the best time to visit.

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  • Oren's Hummus Shop
    9.068 reviews
    Mediterranean, Israeli
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  • Nola
    7.962 reviews
    Southern / Soul, Cajun/Creole, Bar
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  • Pampas
    8.451 reviews
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  • Evvia Estiatorio
    9.341 reviews
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Palo Alto

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Palo Alto is home to Stanford University and was the birthplace of the Silicon Valley (Hewlett and Packard started HP in a garage in downtown Palo Alto). Now, Palo Alto is a very gentrified and increasingly densely urbanizing town.

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San Diego

How interesting to have culture shock in the same state where I live. Coming from San Diego, I am aware of all the preconceived stereotypes about the Bay Area (and I have spent enough time here to know most of them are pretty much accurate), but I had never been to Palo Alto before. Upon arrival, I was charmed by the New England feel of the oak-tree-lined streets, the walkability of the town, the adorable cottages next to gorgeous million-dollar homes (which, despite their price tag, are far less pretentious than homes of the same price in LA and San Diego.) But I was immediately put off by the unfriendly, self-righteousness of almost everyone I met. I walked to work each morning and smiled and nodded a greeting at every person I passed on the street, ALL of whom ignored me, looked straight past me, and pretended I didn't exist. I am certainly not offended, but it was enough of a trend to put me off. And when I asked colleagues about it, the resounding response was, "That's Palo Alto." Welcome to a city where money talks, folks.

The San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA

Palo Alto is home to Stanford University. Make sure to stroll the beautiful campus if you're visiting. This is a great city to live and work with plenty of shops and restaurants, and a great entrepreneurial and academic spirit.

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Local from Palo Alto, California

Palo Alto is pretty awesome. We got the google headquarters and some pretty sexy sunsets. We need more rain though:(

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Hayward, California

A bonfire at a Halloween party was really a blessing to the cold October weather. We had it at my friends backyard and played a round of gold fish. Was quite hilarious

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Los Angeles, California, USA
Community ManagerAmbassador

Palo Alto is one of the most expensive cities in America as many of the tech companies were founded and created here. It's a beautiful city 30 miles south of San Francisco and also first home to Facebook and Stanford university.

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San Francisco, California, USA

Downtown Palo Alto has nice tree lined streets and companies like Houzz, Wealthfront and SurveyMonkey all call downtown PA home.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

Adjacent to Stanford University Palo Alto attracts students, entrepreneurs and tourists. Many restaurants to choose from, at least some of which are very good. Parking requires a notebook to track which zones are fair game for what hours.

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New Delhi, India

it's a nice town to spend a few hours. lots of food options as it's a university town. nightmare is minimal

Burns, Kansas

Had a great time hanging out with the gang at tonight's event, looking forward to the next one.