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The frontier land of South America, this remote region stretches between Argentina and Chile at the southernmost tip of the continent. Travelling in Patagonia is a real encounter with Mother Nature, from the moving ice sheets at Glacier Perito Moreno, to the ancient forests of National Park Los Alerces. Add in a date with penguins or whales along ... Read more
the coast, and you will have begun to explore one of the most untouched places on earth. If you’re looking for a little more human society, consider visiting an estancia (ranch) and partaking in a feast of roasted meats, or El Chalten, where you can hobnob with other adventurous travelers before heading out into the snowy mountains of the Fitz Roy range. This magical region, where the first European explorers were so impressed by the natives’ height that they deemed them giants, is also home to the largest dinosaur fossils ever found. Amusing 16th century misconceptions on height aside, Patagonia is without doubt a land writ large and will leave an indelible impression on the most seasoned traveller.

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  • Parque Nacional Los Glaciares
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  • Perito Moreno Glacier
    9.413 reviews
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  • Punta Tombo
    9.39 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Beaches and Watersports, Hiking and Nature, Scenic Lookout, Park
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  • Circuito Chico
    9.77 reviews
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The summer months (December to March) are the conventionally wise time to go to Patagonia. This huge region spreads over Chile and Argentina, however, so it's also worth considering regional variations and ... Read more
intentions for the trip. Parts of the Torres del Paine National Park close in the winter, but if you're a skiier September might be the time to go. Travel in the fall -- March, April, and May -- if you're an avid photographer looking to capture some radical foliage. Pack layered clothes appropriate for windy weather in any season. For most travelers, however, the summer is still a great time to go. 'Crowds' at this end of the earth aren't the same as, say, Paris, and it's the right time to observe penguins in the Magellan Strait. What more could you want?

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Menlo Park, California, USA

The world's end, and a must for nature and adventure tribe fanatics. Book a trip soon - the melting glaciers of Patagonia account for 2% of sea level rise since 1998 – a disproportionate figure compared to the size of the area.

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London, UK

A trek to Dientes de Navarino mountain range isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s no saunter: this five-day energy-sapping hike at the southern tip of South America is wild and remote. But you’ll be rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and huge bragging rights.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBackpackersOutdoor Enthusiasts

I gave an overall rating/review for Patagonia in the "Patagonia-Chile" portion, so I'll focus this on what Argentina offers, and how it's different. Basically, it's better. How so? Well first off, it's cheaper. The peso goes further, and some taxes don't exist here that are annoying in Chile (like the book tax?). Next, cities/towns are nicer. They're more quaint, and although more touristy, still retain a certain charm. All this said, if you're in Patagonia, you'll be in both countries, most likely. Places sit so close to one another down there, it's practically unavoidable (and, other than the time it takes to go through border control, not a problem).

Kiryat Gat, Israel

Patagonia is 1 of the best park in world it very beautiful great place 2 go u have beautiful Glacier and u can see Penguins and Seals i was there it was amazing :)))))))

Sao Paulo, Brazil
First to Review

The feeling is unanimous: going on a trail like this is wonderful, and makes up for all the difficulties you may face. Happiness is always present. And there is an explanation for this – while we walk endless kilometers, our body produces endorphin, a chemical reaction that brings a feeling of well being. Everybody producing endorphin is a burst of happiness. The hard work is relative and can be minimized if you take ear protection to muffle other peoples’ snoring, cold weather clothing with high technology, a good pair of sneakers to avoid blisters and previous resistance training to lighten the weight of the backpack.

Frederick, Maryland, USA

The wild places of my innermost soul.

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
New York City, New York State, USA
Los Angeles, California, USA