Patna- the city by the Ganga

Located by the southern banks of the Ganga River, and near the confluence of Ganga, Son and Gandak rivers, Patna is the capital of the Indian state of Bihar. Patna gets its name from the ancient word ‘Patan’, meaning a trading port. Patna has a chequered history in being the capital of the some of the largest empires in Indian history, including but not limited to the Mauryas, Nandas and Guptas. In the modern times, it’s a bustling city of over 2.5 mn eager to make its presence felt in the national conscience.

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1. Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park

Bailey Road, Raj Bhavan, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

Patna zoo is one of the most frequented places in the city for families and couples alike. Being one of the largest green spaces in the city. There are numerous species of Animals, Birds and reptiles. There’s even a separate aquarium. There’s a small lake in the midst of the zoo with boating facilities and a busy restaurant besides. There’s even a toy train and elephant rides through the zoo which kids quite enjoy.

2. Kumhrar

Kumhrar, Patna, Bihar, India

There once was a dynasty as great as the Greeks and Romans, and an empire that stretched as far as the rugged mountains of Afghanistan from the shallow marshlands of Bengal. That empire of Ashoka the Great was based here, and the park of Kumhrar houses some of the remains of that era. There are remains of the 80 pillared hall where the 2nd Buddhist Conclave was help post the demise of the Buddha. There’s an air of antiquity about this place. There’s one large pillar from the aforementioned hall on display and a small museum to go with it.

3. Indira Gandhi Planetarium

Vigyan Bhavan, 9, Nabiullah Rd, Surajkund park, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226018, India

Patna boasts of a large planetarium, with a dome screen. There are regular shows in Hindi and English demystifying the secrets of the universe for kids and common public alike. Most of the shows are a sell out, so plan your day in advance.

Considered to be amongst the holiest Shrines in Sikhism, Harmandir Sahib or Patna Sahib as it is known, is the birthplace of the last Sikh guru, Guru Gobind Singh. There’s always a spiritual fervour reverberating through the place. Do not forget to taste the delicious Prasad here.

5. Shrikrishna Science Centre

West Gandhi Maidan, Raja Ji Salai, Lodipur, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

Science Centre near Gandhi Maidan is a most loved place for school kids in the heart of the city. There are numerous exhibits, presentations and DIY opportunities to explain scientific concepts in an easy to understand and appreciate form.

6. Patna Museum

Vidyapati Marg, Patna, India

Housed in an old classical building the Patna museum is one of the most important collections of Indian history and heritage. Till 2015 this was the primary museum in the state. However since the opening of the much larger Bihar museum, the Patna museum is the custodian of artefacts from 1764 onwards, roughly corresponding to the British raj and post independence eras.

7. Shaheed Smarak

Maiglas Road, Rajbansi Nagar, Patna, Bihar 800015, India

In 1942, at the height of the Quit India movement, seven students went for a protest march with the aim of unfurling the Indian flag atop the Patna Secretariat. They were gunned down one by one by a hostile police force. A larger than life statue of these students is placed in front of the Secretariat building. It’s a serene monument that fills one with national pride and compassion.

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8. Bihar Museum

Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg, Veerchand Patel Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

It’s a new addition to the city. A large, modern museum spread over 5.6 hectares, Bihar museum showcases the history of the state and its contribution to the world from ancient times till 1764. It’s a great place for education as well as a good outing for families. When there, do not forget to look at and appreciate the 2300 year old gorgeous statue of Yakshi from Didarganj.

9. Collectorate Ghat

Muradpur, Dujra Diara, Bihar 800001, India

Collectorate Ghat is a built up ghat by the banks of the Ganga river, just north of Gandhi Maidan. It has a small temple and a series of steps leading to the river. The evening Ganga Aarti conducted here is a must attend for its fervour and mystical experience.

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10. MV Ganga Vihar (Floating Restaurant)

Behind NIT Patna, Mahendru, Gandhi Ghat, Patna, Bihar 800005, India

A cruise boat takes people around the calm but wide Ganga between October and March. You can enjoy the breeze while you watch the endemic Ganga dolphins swim pass the boat. The boat stops at a small island in the middle of the river, where you can have refreshments and enjoy the sunset.

11. Gandhi Maidan

East Golghar Falls | Near Bank Of Ganga River, Patna 800001, India

Gandhi Maidan is large mostly circular lawns and park in the midst of the city of Patna, just south of the Ganga river. When not hosting fairs and exhibitions, it is a milling ground for people who come here to relax, have a quick lunch or play a quick game of Cricket on the numerous pitches that dot the place.

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12. Golghar, Patna

Gol ghar, Park Rd, Raja Ji Salai, Chajju Bagh, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

During famine in 1780, this hemispherical structure inspired from Buddhist Stupas, was built to store foodgrains in 1786. There are around a couple of sets of 140 odd stairs that lead to the top of the structure. In the olden days, workers would climb up all the stairs with gunbags full of foodgrains and drop them into the belly. Once the whole structure would be full, the gates at the base would be opened to draw the grains out. There’s a garden around, and many people visit the place to climb up the stairs and get a good view of the city and the Ganga river. There is a daily sound and light show too.

13. Badi Patan Devi Mandir

Sadikpur, Patna, Bihar 800007, India

Badi Patan Devi is. considered to be the presiding deity of the city. It’s one of the 51 Shaktipeeths (abodes of the mother Goddess). Legend has it that when Lord Vishnu cut and spread the Body parts of Goddess Sati, her right thigh fell here. Local people revere the goddess and there is a nice spiritual feel to the premises. What’s peculiar are the stone made eyes that are sold here and used to offer to the goddess during worship.

14. Chhoti Patan Devi Temple

Haji Ganj, Patna, Bihar 800008, India

Chhoti Patan devi temple is another mother goddess temple near the other one. During festivals like Durga and Kali Puja, a larger crowd gathers and there is much fervour in the air.

15. Jalan Museum

Quila Road, Haji Ganj, Patna, Bihar 800008, India

Located by the banks of the Ganga, Jalan Museum is a private collection of rare artefacts collected from all over the world. Locally known as Qila House, among the treasures here are Mughal paintings and a bed belonging to the French king Napoleon the great. Prior permission is required to visit this place.

16. Buddha Smriti Park

Fraser Road, Near Patna Railway Station Patna Junction, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

It’s a relatively newer addition to the city scape. A large modern Buddhist Stupa that houses the relics of the Buddha. There’s a shiny golden container gifted by the Thai govt kept at the Centre of the Stupa. There are well manicured gardens around and a small museum too. It’s a very serene place to spend some time and reflect on the nature of life.

17. Hanuman Mandir

Patna Junction | Patna, Patna 800001, India

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we call the Mahavir temple near the railway station the pulse of Patna. There’s a constant stream of devotees who throng in large numbers to get blessed by Bajrang Bali (Hanumana), the presiding deity. Do experience the calmness amid chaos that this place has to offer, not to forget the sumptuous Laddoo as prasad.

18. Mahatma Gandhi Setu

Hajipur, Patna, India

The longest river bridge in India (5.57 Kms) across the wide body of the Ganga river, Mahatma Gandhi Setu connects northern part of Bihar with the capital city of Patna. The view of the Ganga from atop the bridge is mesmerising to say the least.

19. Maner Sharif Dargah

Maner Sharif Greater NH 30,, Maner, Bihar 801108, India

Located at Maner, 30 kms from Parna) Maner Sharif is a beautiful as well as peaceful mausoleum to Sufi saint Makhdum Shah. Built in 1616, It’s thronged in equal measure by Muslims and Hinds alike looking for blessings from the revered saint.

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20. Maurya Lok Complex

Maurya Lok, New Dak Bunglow Rd, Fraser Road Area, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

Maurya Lok occupies a pride of place in the daily life of Patna as one of the most premium commercial centres. There are brand stores, emporia as well as countless restaurants. The street food scene here is quite happening too.

21. Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library

2nd Naveen Khoti, Ashok Rajpath Rd, Opposite Khudabakhsh Library, Patna, Bihar 800004, India

Inaugurated in 1891, Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Library is one of the national libraries of India and a designated ‘Manuscript Conservation Centre’. It has an extensive collection of rare manuscripts numbering over 20,000. It is a must visit for students of history, heritage, Mughal art and languages such a Persian and Arabic.

22. Pind Balluchi

16-18 th Floor | Biscoman Towers, Gandhi Maidan, Patna 800004, India

Atop the Biscomaun Bhavan near Gandhi Maidan is a Revolving Restaurant named Pind Balluchi. You can gorge on some sumptuous north Indian meals while you soak in the scenery outside which alternates between the bustle of the city below and the serenity of the massive river Ganga on one side. Do try their Dahi Ke Kabab.

23. Yo China

Dak Bunglow Road, | Santosha Complex, Bandar Bageecha, Patna 800001, India

Yo China is a modern casual Chinese food restaurant and cafe located on the backside of the Maurya Lok complex. It’s quite a hit with both youngsters and families. Try their dumplings and Chinese gravy dishes.

24. Maurya Patna

South Gandhi Maidan | Maidan Patna, Bihar, Patna 800001, India

Maurya Hotel is an old 5-star hotel located on the southern flank of the Gandhi Maidan. It has an old world regal charm about it. Rooms are well appointed and the service is good. The pool allows for some relaxation and respite from the city’s cacophony outside.

25. Lemon Tree Premier Patna

Plot no 876, Exhibition Road, Near Gandhi Maidan, Patna, Bihar 800001, India

Located on Exhibition road in the here of the city, Lemon Tree Premiere is a refreshing star hotel just like its group hotels elsewhere. The stay is nice and comfortable and the food is quite good, especially at their signature restaurant Citrus Cafe. There’s a roof top pool too overlooking the city.

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