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Train to Barcelona, 55 minutes, loads of shops, cafes and restaurants, and lots of live music during the summer.


If you want a taste of big city life Perpignan is the place to go.
Lots of things to see, boutiques to shop in and restaurants to eat in.

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Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Perpignan wasn't a bad place to be stuck for a few hours to wander around to see the city, but I'm not sure if I would plan multiple days there. This is the southernmost part of the south of France, and consequently one of the warmest places year-round. It seems that a lot of drifters from around France end up here living off their benefits. Perpignan is also a gateway into the beautiful regions of the Pyrenees.

Recommended for:History Buffs
Capestang, France

Perpignan is where the Pyrenees flatten out to join the Mediterranean. It's a city of narrow medieval streets, outdoor cafés, markets and grand monuments.
Chateau de Salses is a must see structure in Perpignan and makes a great day trip.

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London, United Kingdom

perpignan is nice town but i would only recomend a two day stay as i found a ran out off places to visit ,and only stay in centre suburbs not so attractive lots off dogs owners who do not like cleaning up after there pets so stay central ,

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Just over the boarder into France from Spain Perpignan is a popular destination for those visiting Barcelona who want to get a taste of France. The town itself is not all that exciting but it isn't too difficult to get to from Barcelona if you want a quick trip over the boarder,

Perpignan France
First to Review

There is so much to do and see in and around Perpignan. “It really is a city of festivals.”

You'll always find something going on to distract you from the local cheese and wine and fruit and veggie markets. Not to mention the antique market held every Sunday.
The airport is well situated, being only 7.5 km from the city centre. So once you land getting into the action won't take long. The local busses are one euro per direction per person to encourage you to investigate the area. There’s a free local bus to get you moving around the town. Just hop on and off as much as you like.
You'll find the locals very friendly and welcoming. Typically a petit Bonjour from you and they realize you are visiting so will do what they can to assist in English.
Now you will want to head to the daily fruit and vegetable markets at Place Republique. Here you will find irresistible local produce to accompany the wine and cheese we mentioned earlier.

If you stay in a self catering accommodation you will have the opportunity to save money on accommodation as these are very common in France and normally come with fully equipped kitchens where you can slice away at your iberico hams and Pata Negra de salamanca. Grantourismo has stayed with and recommends Myperpignan self catering apartments.
After lunch you can head over to the Spanish Citadel enclosing the Palace of the Kings of Majorca. A structure from the 13th and 14th centuries. Then stroll down and join the locals as they promenade throughout the narrow streets lined with boutique stores, stopping off of course for a cake and coffee at one of the many cafes.
If you prefer to eat out then this is the town for you. From local pizza to more upmarket restaurants there’s something for everyone. Remember you are in the very deep south of France where French foor mingles with Spanish influences. Or vice versa. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. This is why it’s called Catalan food. you see it’s neither, while being both. Tres Catalan.
Here’s just a small list of events you can expect to enjoy while in this vibrant town. La Sanch Procession: Friday 22 April.

You’ll find images and videos of many festivals at
This site has a wealth of information and it’s all in English. Listing events, restaurants, videos, images and 360 panoramas so you get a good idea of what to expect upon landing in this exciting destination.

Stuttgart, Germany

nice friendly city, good start for a trip to the mountains

Recommended for:Backpackers
Copenhagen, Denmark

Also known as Northern Catalonia. Impossible to have a bad meal in here..

Local from Perpignan
Recommended for:Adventure Travelers