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Rotorua is a small city on New Zealand’s North Island known and adored for its geothermal features. Hot springs, geysers and bubbling pools of mud attract tourists from home and abroad who lend bustle to the city all year round. Rotorua sits on the shore of the large Lake Rotorua, and is within driving distance of many more. Rotorua is a best-buy ... Read more
city, that is, tourists get bang for their buck. Free attractions include any of the lakes in the area, self-guided walking tours through geothermal features, and beautiful hikes through lush forest. The most popular attractions are not free, but are without question necessary for any complete visit. Waimangu Volcanic Valley, Te Puia, and Whakarewarewa Thermal Village offer geothermal features that will boggle the mind. Hikes of all levels take visitors through unique and rare New Zealand flora and display the mighty power of earth’s core through exploding geysers and sulfurous pools. Also, be sure to check out the Buried Village, a small town that was covered in and preserved by ash after a huge volcanic eruption in 1886. After a long day outdoors, settle down for a traditional Maori feast, known in the local tongue as Hangi. The smoky flavors produced from earthen ovens will leave you with the right taste in your mouth as you prepare for another day of natural beauty and wonder.

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  • Te Puia
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  • Wai-o-Tapu Thermal Wonderland
    8.812 reviews
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  • Zorb Rotorua
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  • Lake Rotorua
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San Diego, California

They call this place "Rotovegas" as a tongue-in-cheek riff on Vegas, but in a sense it is true for all of the outdoor and thrill=seeking sports that they offer in this town. From Bungy to Zorb, or taking a luge down a hill, there are activities to keep you busy for days. Besides these activities, there are also many natural wonders to enjoy when you traverse the Geothermal Valley, or take a trip a few miles away to go and see the lovely movie set at Hobbiton. All in all, Rotorua is surely a place you do not want to miss when you are traveling around on the North Island.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Singapore, Singapore

Very outdoorsy kind of place. Everywhere smells of sulfur but one will get used to it after a while. Maby tours and sports available.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsAdventure Travelers
Pittsford (town), New York

Geysers, bubbling mud pools, kiwi fruit orchards, sheep, lots of greenery, a cableway overlooking Lake Rotorua, wildlife parks and Maori cultural opportunities are some of the features of this area.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily Travelers

Rotorua is the centre for Maori culture in New Zealand. If you're looking to immerse yourself into the depths of this fascinating culture a stop in Rotorua is the best place to start. While you're there don't forget to check out the thermal wonders and go for a mountain bike ride - both are top notch.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersFamily TravelersOutdoor Enthusiasts
New York City, New York State, USA

Amazing hot springs, geysers, and culture! There are many tours that take you here in a day trip if you're coming from Auckland - I used and had a GREAT experience!

Local from Rotorua, New Zealand

lovely place people words can describe but what better way to experience it all than being here

Perth, Western Australia

Born and bred in Rotorua, One of NZ main cultural cities...Beautiful one day Perfect the next ....

Local from Rotorua, New Zealand
First to Review

Everywhere is great. The Museum, a bit of Rotovegas history. Whakarewarewa, Mitai Tours, the Buried Village,[mean history there] Rainbow Springs,Agrodome, so many places, things of interest for everyone

Recommended for:History Buffs
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Once you get used to the smell of Sulfur in the air you'll love this place, the people are so friendly, there's so much to see and do and the locals at the hostels are more than happy to help you with info on what to do, where to go and eat, things to do.

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

We went to Rotorua as a day trip from Auckland. I thought it was quite beautiful even if it was a bit stinky! It was a quaint town. We walked through the botanical gardens and tried the spas. Lots of hot springs there too which is what we did! It wasn't expensive at all. I do suggest not swallowing the water in the pool though. I accidentally did and ended up with trachitis a week before my wedding. Good thing I got my voice back!