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One of the world's most renowned art colony cities, San Miguel de Allende marches to the beat of its own drum. Adobe walls covered with blazing oranges, pinks and reds play host to colonial buildings, boutique hotels and an excellent smattering of restaurants. About five percent of the city is foreign-born, mostly American and Canadian retirees and ... Read more
artists. The mix of citizens means you can now dine on an organic croissant while listening to traditional Mariachi musicians. The shops and art galleries are some of the best in Mexico, and the moderate temperature makes San Miguel de Allende a good year-round destination.

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Seattle, Washington, USA

There is a sense of palpable magic in the air, as you wander along the cobbled streets, weaving in between the signature pink breaks of UNESCO sites and everyday homes. We've met like-intended travelers at their endless quaint cafes, connected with locals at international cuisine restaurants, and most of all, tapped into an inner sense of wellbeing and peace simply being in the space. This is the destination where ancient meets now. Whether you're looking for a culinary adventure, a wellness sanctuary, or yourself -- we highly recommend it!

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Pro 2018
Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Is there any place better than San Miguel de Allende? It's one of the places that I instantly fell in love. It's a quaint colonial town in a high-elevation. Naturally the climate is pleasantly dry and cool. Shopping, dining, gallery hopping, there are so many things to do. There is a big expat community here, and not hard to think why.

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA

San Miguel de Allende is gaining popularity as one of the most intriguing cities in Mexico. A haven for international artists and art enthusiasts, San Miguel is home to the Instituto Allende, a superb school of fine arts. While the historic grandeur of the city endures, this city is clearly a place of creativity and innovation.

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Nizwa, Oman

America's 51st state has a lot more going for it than just a plethora of gringos. The temperate climate, mountainous scenery, colorful history and the tasty Mexican food are but some of the reasons why so many Americanos flock to this charming city in the silver hills just a few hours north of Mexico City. Ironically enough, the only thing there really is to complain about in San Miguel is all the stinkin' gringos who never go.

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Austin, Texas, USA

Located in the mountains of Guanajuato in central Mexico, the colonial city and UNESCO World Heritage Site, San Miguel de Allende is one of the country's most unique destinations. Walk on cobblestone streets throughout downtown's immaculately preserved historical center, quaint, tree-lined plazas, cathedrals and residences built in the 17th and 18th centuries and you'll get the sense that you're almost traveling back in time.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversHistory Buffs

Europeans and Americans love this colonial town. It is considered a historic site and Unesco heritage of the world. The main square is the heart of San Miguel de Allende. Lots of restaurants and galleries! Nightlife is good during weekends, in a bohemian kind of way though.

Los Angeles

My mother would take me to San Miguel de Allende every year since I was 8 and I could not ask for a better vacation in Mexico.
My favorite part of San Miguel is sitting in the Jardin watching moms carrying their children on their back, selling flowers and candy to the tourists. Hearing the bees above your head roaming the trees, and smelling the fresh elotes being cooked.
All while staring at the overpowering, intricate architecture of the Iglesia ahead.
San Miguel is without a doubt the most amazing vacation anyone could take.


San Miguel de Allende is breathtaking. A colonial city in the heart of Mexico at 6200 ft with incredibly picturesque hills. SMA's centro is a historic beauty of red, orange, and golden walls, cobbled streets and an array of stunning doors, windows, and fountains. This is a photographer's paradise. Other visual arts also thrive here. Fabulous food around every corner.

San Francisco

San Miguel de Allende is an artist town full of vibrant buildings lining cobblestone streets. Because of its artistic physique many ex-pats, tourists, and foreigners are attracted to San Miguel bringing with them excellent quisine, high-end resorts, and a feeling of safety. Wander the streets munching on fresh fruit and checking out some traditional Mexican art along with innovative works from foreigners.

Mexico City, Mexico

Great place to relax,shop, walk, learn , have fun!!!

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