Like most traditional Mexican villages, life in Sayulita is centered around a traditional town-square, not its beaches - where you will find open air restaurants and bars that bustle with life in the high-season. But don't be fooled. While the restaurants and eclectic art galleries are part of Sayulita's charm, it's the town's consistant ... Read more
river-mouth surf break that first put Sayulita on the map. While often touted as an off the beaten track destination, the secret is definitely out about Sayulita. While you can definitely find amazing street-side food stands offering great local cuisine, you will also increasingly find some of the more upscale places are actually run by American expats seeking a more simple existence. The town offers something for all budget ranges, from hostels and beach-side camping to gorgeous 5-star hotels and everything in-between. Restaurants range from taco stands to restaurants as expensive as you would find in San Francisco or New York. But while Sayulita is no longer "undiscovered," it certainly is beautiful. Brightly colored houses with red-tiled roofs, surrounded on three sides by lush green mountains, the other by sea - a fantastic contrast to the urban bustle of Puerta Vallarta or the resort mecca of Punta Mita.

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  • Sayulita Beach
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  • Sayulita Plaza
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  • Playa de Los Muertos
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  • Playa Carricitos
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Most people visit the Puerto Vallarta area from December to April when the weather is both dry and cool (relatively speaking), with average daytime highs around 80F (27C). The rainy season, although marked by ... Read more
the year’s highest humidity and temperatures, does have some perks: the predictability of the rain (it usually only comes in the afternoons so you can get your beachtime and sightseeing done in the morning), cheaper hotel prices, fewer crowds, and a chance to see nature come to life with the nourishing water. You can also try to plan a trip during the months before and after high season -- November and May -- to try and snag good deals without as much wet weather.

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Sayulita is a must visit - especially if you could spend the afternoon people watching. It's magical and raw with a little bit of crazy all blended up together. It's a bohemian surf town that has brought together people from all over the world to enjoy good waves, beautiful beaches, great restaurants, music, creative artists and fun shopping.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersFoodiesArt & Design Lovers
Greater Los Angeles, California, USA
Community ManagerAmbassador

About an hour away from Puerto Vallarta is this charming gem of a small, surf beach town. Tons of great places to eat, local art, beautiful beach, and just a great place to walk around an explore without feeling overwhelmed.

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Houston, Texas, USA

The only problem with this place is raw sewage runs through the river in town and you are almost guaranteed to get sick. The water has raw sewage in it and we have been sick for days along with almost everyone else.


A must visit!!!! Such a hip cool little surf town on the beach. bout a 15 minute car ride. You could show up for Coffee and breakfast at YaYa's around 9am and stay all day!! shopping, so much eating options and drinks galore! Massage's or strolls or surfing on the beach!

Menlo Park, California, USA

Sayulita is an amazing little surf town about 30 mins north of Puerto Vallarta. Very laid back feel, with cobblestone streets, great restaurants, and a nice beach with good waves, this is the kind of town I have been looking for. The town is surrounded on 3 sides by jungled mountains, and feels like a little oasis. It's no longer undiscovered, with Americans beginning to move down to take up residence, driving up the prices and taking away a bit if the local feel. But it's still amazing. I'll be back.

Recommended for:Family TravelersBackpackersArt & Design Lovers
Mountain View, California, USA

Good place to pick up souvenirs and take surfing or paddle boarding lessons. Meet the Mexican people, as opposed to the staff at your gringo hotel. Shop owners often speak English, and they're willing to talk politics.

Oakland, California, USA

A laid back surfer beach town, you come here for several things: 1.) a lovely beach dotted with beach shacks and bars, umbrellas, and palm trees 2.) beginner friendly surfing and paddle boarding 3.) cold beer and tequila everywhere you look. Of course, all of this, being so easy and relaxing, has brought a solid following of visitors - retired grandparents, families with their kids, and adventurous couples, typically all from Canada, the Pacific Northwest, Californians, and few Europeans. Everyone gets along and everyone will have a great time. A week here good be spent doing little else than waking to the crashing waves, resting and reading in the sand, dipping into the water occasionally to cool down, then snacking on fish tacos and drinking cold Pacifico beer, whenever the slightest urge strikes.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFamily TravelersGreen TravelersBackpackers
Lynnwood, Washington

artist community, fun shopping, great beach for surfing and boogie boarding, have lunch on the beach.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Menlo Park

great beach, good food, small town. There are no big hotels in this town, so it does not get overcrowded. Great beach for surfing too!

Recommended for:Budget TravelersFamily Travelers
Dawsonville, Georgia, USA
First to Review

This thriving Mexican Village is a MUST see. This is a large town by comparison and has a large American population. Is very well know for Surfing. Take a Surf lesson while your family has lunch and watches from Don Pedro's on the beach.
Very picturesque. Many good stores with local art items, clothes, etc. A good day outing for the family.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersArt & Design LoversFamily Travelers