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Senegal, in Western Africa, has been governed by African and European empires for thousands of years, most recently the French, whose language is still widely spoken today, alongside the native Wolof. The capital, Dakar, bustles with markets and is one of Africa’s most interesting urban experiences, while historic French settlement St. Louis is a ... Read more
charming, dilapidated peaceful village that hosts an annual jazz festival. National dishes in Senegal are rice and fish, the people are very friendly (hospitality is such an important concept that the national football team is named after it) , and white beaches beckon the traveller on both sides of Dakar. Nature lovers will appreciate the mangroves and rare birds where the Casamance and Saloum Rivers meet, while the drumbeats of Senegalese music popularized by Youssou N’Dour create an unforgettable soundtrack to a journey through this fascinating country.

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Rather than going when the weather's hot, most travelers head to Senegal between December and April. December is packed with music festivals (the months between March and June are too) and the weather is ... Read more
relatively cool and dry during this time, with temperatures around 75F (25C). The wet season is hotter and, while the vegetation is lush, generally less comfortable for travel.

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I've traveled for almost a month throughout Senegal, and no matter where I am find a colorful, vibrant culture with warm, accepting people. Senegal is a deeply religious, Muslim country, where a majority of people pray five times a day, and put the family at the center of everything. It's also modernizing, with women who wear tight jeans and socialize freely at restaurants, cafes and music venues (something you'd never see in nearby Morocco or Mauritania) and internet cafes and smartphones in many places. There are many bits of natural beauty: rocky beaches, lush forests (especially in Casamance, which unfortunately still has a low-level civil war) and pink-hued lakes like Lake Rose near Dakar. The only thing I absolutely despise in the summer months are all of the mosquitos. Before you go, stock up on malaria pills and spray. I'm normally more prone to bites than most people, but never imagined I'd get over 200 bites in three weeks. I quickly started sleeping under a mosquito net, a necessity when most places (unless you stay at a hotel) don't have windows or screens. But, blood-thirsty insects aside, Senegal is a beautiful country and culture that's worth visiting if you have the chance.

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