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Shopping in Downton Charleston

Charleston is known for its historical charm, vibrant arts scene, one-of-a-kind restaurants and bars, and the friendliest people you will ever meet. However, the next time you visit, make sure you leave some time for something else it is known for - Shopping! Charming boutiques and small stores fill the streets, each with their character and unique items on display. Whether you are looking for souvenirs, an outfit for dinner or want to partake in some activities while you shop (see Candlefish below), Charleston has absolutely everything your heart desires. And unlike many shopping cities, Charleston does not discriminate! There are tons of mens stores offering the latest fashions and the best customer service. Whenever I take a trip to this charming city, I purposely under-pack in order to have space for all of the fantastic pieces I find in these small but diverse shops! These are some of my favorites. 
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1. Hampden

314 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

The epitome of the young, polished and trendy boutique you will find along King Street. Prices are moderately high but everything you see is so different than what's out there, you don't mind splurging to have a one-of-a-kind piece from this gorgeous minimalist boutique.

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2. Colur Studios

562 King St Suite 100, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

High-end makeup store similar to Sephora in that they do makeup applications in-store as well as more involved services such as facials and brow/lash applications. They sell upscale products and give you the option to sample all of it. I was impressed with their level of service and professionalism. Stopped in for mascara and left with lashes!

3. OOBE Brand

161 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

A beautiful men's store providing clothing for all occasions. I was blown away by their gorgeous visual statements and designs. Prices are moderate and the service is extremely friendly. One of the salespeople helped my boyfriend for over an hour, with a smile on his face and a wonderful sense of hospitality. I highly recommend this store not only to men, but also ladies looking for gifts for the special men in their lives!

4. The Skinny Dip

345 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Awesome store that doubles as a relaxing place to have a glass of wine or cup of coffee, but with great finds for men and women. The store's aesthetic is low-key but very trendy, with great music playing in the background. On my last visit to Charleston, I visited this store not once - but twice in a week because there were items I had to go back for. It is a great place to visit with girlfriends, shop and then drop at their bar!

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5. Spartina 449

300 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

A vibrant store located in Charleston's downtown shopping area. Walking through this boutique-style store, you are mesmerized by the colors and styles that are in front of you. White walls serve as a perfect base for all of the illustrious accessories and clothing carefully curated and placed ready to be purchased. I loved my shopping experience here! The staff was so friendly and helped us find the perfect outfit for dinner and drinks that night!

6. MOSA Boutique -- CLOSED

420 King Street, G, Charleston, SC 29403, United States

With a name derived from the popular Mimosa drink, this boutique not only offers chic clothing and accessories at a moderate price but they provide libations from their in-store bar to all patrons! Visiting the MOSA Boutique feels as though you are out with friends rather than actually shopping. They make it such a down to earth vibe, with dartboards, flat screen TVs and a bar that carries all sorts of wines, beer and spirits. Overall, an awesome shopping experience and so unlike the typical store!

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7. Savannah Bee Company

270 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Wonderful little store with staff that is extremely helpful and knowledgable. As you look around, you realize you are not only looking at products in a store but a true passion for bees and the environment. They offer honey tastings which I highly recommend - who knew there were so many kinds and all so so good?! The treasures that are sold here are perfect for gifts at very affordable prices. This is a one-of-a-kind store not to be missed.

8. Mac & Murphy

74 1/2 Cannon St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

This little boutique is a gem. One-of-a-kind stationary and greeting card store featuring the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. This is the perfect place to go to if you are in search of a special card or stationary to send out thank-you notes, maybe even a love letter? In a world full of Instagram stories and Facebook posts, Mac & Murphy's takes you back to the special details that made our parents and grandparents fall in love with the art of writing. Custom stationary and wedding suites are available!

9. Shirtini

192 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

A menswear-inspired shirt company for women, this place is very interesting! Being from New York, I thought I had seen it all until I walked through. While it seems as though the concept behind this store is limiting, as you walk around, you are surrounded by all sorts of styles in a variety of fabrics and colors. There are also beautiful scarves and jewelry pieces that can be matched back to these styles if you desire. Moderately to high-priced.

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10. Kittsona -- CLOSED

348 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

If you are looking for trendy but sophisticated clothing, look no further. This gem of a store offers the top trends at unbeatable prices. Perfect for fashion statement pieces that will last you until the next trend comes along. Easy on the eyes and on the wallet, this store has so many awesome pieces including clothing, accessories and home decor. Trust me, you will walk out of there with tons of purchases and zero regrets!

11. Lily

196 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

French-inspired boutique you can literally spend hours walking through. Lily's features vintage jewelry, delicate scarves, beautiful stationary and a world of trinkets from a fancy and long-lost Parisian dream. It feels as though you are walking through a time-machine into a past so precious and memorable that you never want to leave. Lily's makes life's little luxuries attainable providing items perfect for gifts, for yourself or others! I think I spent 2 hours in this store just looking at each individual item and imaging myself as French royalty. Stop by and see it (feel it) for yourself!

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12. House of Sage

51 George St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

A young and super trendy boutique full of awesome clothing and accessories for women. The store itself has a family-owned feel to it, making the shopping experience that much more special. I loved everything I saw which made the decision for final purchases so hard to make! Features fun and flirty pieces, all moderately priced.

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13. Brackish

1852 Wallace School Rd, Charleston, SC 29407, USA

When in Charleston, you MUST stop by this incredible store, if only to look around at the breathtaking pieces. It is as though you are walking through a museum and not a store. Brackish has found a way of turning something as simple as a bowtie into a work of art. Each bowtie is created from feathers (yes, feathers!) and is unique in style. I was blown away by every single piece in that store, each was more magnificent than the last. They don't come cheap, however if you are the lucky owner of one of these bowties, you will undoubtedly be a showstopper at your next event.

14. Indigo & Cotton

79 Cannon St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

Minimalist boutique for men with lots to offer! At first glance, their simplistic but very chic front window gives you a sense that this is an upscale store - and you're not wrong. However, the staff is nothing like what you would expect, everyone is wonderfully friendly and helpful. The brands carried are the perfect blend of classic and trendy. Prices are high but don't let that deter you from indulging in a purchase you will have for the rest of your life!

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15. Berlin's For Men

114 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, United States

For all of you men looking for a place to shop - this store has it all. Classy, sophisticated and reasonably priced with impeccable service - the staff truly aims to please. There is a a tailor on-site to fit clothing to your exact measurements, which is always a plus. While visiting the store, my boyfriend and I asked to have his purchase shipped to our apartment in New York where it arrived as though it had been sent first-class! No wrinkles and in a beautiful box. The classiest and best men's store in my opinion, by far. It's no wonder they have been around since 1883!

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16. Finicky Filly

303 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Sophisticated boutique located on King Street that offers women's clothing and accessories. Prices are high but so is the quality. I went in "to look around" and walked out with a new dress and earrings to match! The service is wonderful, everyone is friendly and very attentive. Overall, it was a great shopping experience.

17. Beads On Cannon

87 Cannon St, Charleston, SC 29403, USA

While I know that many of you reading this may not be jewelry makers and have no need to purchase beads, I urge you to stop by this awesome store! As soon as you walk in, you are in the presence of colors - everywhere you look there are colors! It's fantastic to walk through and see different styles of beads, one more beautiful and exotic than the next. The store offers Swarovski crystals in various shapes, sizes and colors that standout like diamonds! I felt like I could make masterpieces while walking through this awesome store and ended up buying some to try for myself!

18. Seyahan Jewelry

57 Broad St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

This store was unlike any other jewelry store I have ever been to! Beautiful handcrafted jewelry pieces from all over the world are featured. Knowledgable sales staff who truly take the time to explain the detail of how specific pieces are made are there to help you every step of the way. I bought a pair of earrings and was given information on the technique as well as some background information on the artisan that created my beautiful new earrings.

19. Berlins For Women

116 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

One of my absolute favorite stores in Charleston! Trendy, young and sophisticated - full of amazing clothes, shoes and jewelry. I never walk out of there without a new one-of-a-kind outfit or piece of jewelry. The boutique features cool designers that help in the sophisticated and trendy aesthetic of the store. I definitely recommend this store to every woman visiting Charleston!

20. The Ben Silver Collection

149 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Chic, preppy, This beautiful store offers clothing and accessories for men and women. Perfect for special events. Staff was very friendly and atmosphere was upscale yet relaxed. The best part, in my opinion, are the visual displays. They are so beautiful, you will want to buy everything on display!

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21. Candlefish

71 Wentworth St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Wonderful little shop that not only has every candle you could possibly want (over 100 different scents!), but also has jewelry, stationary and many other cute accessories - perfect for gifts or for yourself! In addition to the amazing products, Candlefish offers candle-making workshops! We decided to take one and were blown away by how informative and fun it was. It is BYOB so we brought lots of champagne which made it even better. The staff really knows their history and just like everyone in this charming city, are ridiculously friendly.

22. Ibu Movement

183 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Shopping at Ibu was such an amazing experience! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with such familiarity that you feel as though you have known the staff all your life. All products (clothing + home goods) are handmade by women. Moderately priced. After your feel-good shopping, you can stop by the terrace for a drink!

23. For Bare Feet

85 S Market St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Interesting sock and accessory shop. There are socks for every occasion in every color and for every member of your family - including your furry babies! The coolest part? You can order custom made socks with whatever color, design, logo or style your artsy heart desires!

24. Croghan's Jewel Box

308 King St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Family-owned store with 100 years of service. I stopped in during a bachelorette trip with my cousins. The bride-to-be wanted to look for bands. While searching, a salesperson stopped to help us and noticed that the bride-to-be's engagement ring was "not as shiny as it could be". She then proceeded to take the ring and clean it - completely free of charge! She was so friendly and made stopping in such a joy. While we did not purchase anything, we witnessed how wonderful and professional the staff was with all customers in the store. The ring cleaning was the cherry on top!

25. The Boutique

141 Broad St, Charleston, SC 29401, USA

Walking down Broad Street, we almost passed this store when a tea set caught my eye and I knew I had to go inside. This beautiful and elegant store offers the most precious selection of tableware, linens and home goods. You will seriously spend hours daydreaming about a home (that you may or may not have, I speak from experience as a non-home owner!) full of all the things The Boutique offers. I fell in love with a gold and cream lamp as well as a gorgeous bed set but unfortunately, did not have any more space in my luggage!

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