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Settled since pre-historic times, Sofia has been ruled by Byzantines, Ottomans and Russians, and is today the capital of independent Bulgaria. The city takes its name from the Church of St. Sofia, dedicated to the Christian concept of wisdom. Sofia can demonstrate this quality throughout the year, for example during the June Sofia Music Weeks or at ... Read more
its museums and galleries. This city that "grows but doesn't age" isn't all wise woman, however, with some edgy nightlife springing up and green Mt. Vitosha just south of the city (and a great place for short excursions) testifying to a vibrant, young life.

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It's a cheap green capital and you can't visit the over 2000m high mountain.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersGreen TravelersBackpackersHistory Buffs
Local from Sofia, Bulgaria

This is a restaurant surrounded by students’ dorms. It is a traditional Bulgarian places. The music they play is Bulgarian Chalga and Folklore music. THere is live music every Friday and Saturday. The parties there are crazy.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory Buffs
Miami, Florida, USA

Sofia is a beautiful little city in Bulgaria and the capital. There are several historic sites and communist architecture and also feels very safe.

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Interesting location full of kind people and beautiful seesights. Great food

Recommended for:Luxury Travelers
Pittsford (town), New York

We really enjoyed our visit to this city. It is very walkable and the people were very friendly. We had good weather so that helped as well. Make sure you see the outdoor markets - very colorful.

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New York City

Sofia which is the highest elevated capital in Europe is one which has some attractive green areas, side streets and impressive buildings. The main pedestrian walkway area buzzes with life all day and into the nights offering lots of cafes and restaurants. Make sure to visit the neo-Byzantine Aleksander Nevski Church which is a memorial to the 200,000 Russians that died for Bulgaria's independence. Also the National Art Gallery, and the open air museum to former Communist leaders is fascinating.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersHistory Buffs
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Capital of Bulgaria, pleasure to visit, incredible history locations, one of the best places for shopping, people are very friendly, great food and much more

Recommended for:Business TravelersFoodiesHistory BuffsLuxury Travelers
Moss Beach

Sofia is an international capitol with interesting attractions and great food. It can also be inexpensive. Don't worry about the language because most in the tourist business speak English, as do the people under 40.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversBudget TravelersHistory Buffs

My experience here is so limited--just a 20-hour stop between trains--but it stands out as a semi-magical city, a mix of Ottoman architecture and Stalinist monuments, strong coffee in teensy plastic cups, bulging pink tomatoes at the farmers market and delis selling an abundance of sausages on nearly every corner, as if in open defiance of the harshness of communism. This was all pre-EU membership, so who knows what's new, but I'd go back to see.

Recommended for:BackpackersBudget TravelersHistory Buffs
Local from Sofia, Bulgaria

This is the city I was born!
Do I love it? - Who doesnt!
Am I proud to be born here? - Yes I do! Why? - A few reasons:
It is founded seven thousand years ago!!
Did you know that Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe?!?!
In history it was know as Serika and Sredec.
Now you can see those ancient city walls just meters from the communist huge stone buildings - copy from Red Square in Moscow. It is like in air museum!
City offers cheep restaurants with amazing testy food (not my words). Great European level night clubs. Friendly locals, which know at least english.
Good quality hotels at a good price. Airport an dbus staions are new. Subway is just a few years old and cost less than 1/2 euro. A lot of museums, galleries, shopping centres - everybody can find something to spend great time.
Weather is lovely! Not hot as in Greece and not rainy as in London. Just the perfect temperature for walking outside between May and October. Vitosha mountain is just 20 minutes from the city centre. There you can practice any winter sports.

In 1900 the City Council approved the emblem of Sofia and the motto “It Grows but Does not Age”.
Serdika was the name of the central dwelling of the ancient Thracian

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