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This collection of nearly 1,000 islands in the South Pacific became world famous during the Second World War, when Japanese and Allied troops fought the Battle of Guadalcanal. The battleground of this bloody turning point of the war is now the capital and cultural heart of the island nations. It again became the site of violence in the late 1990s, ... Read more
when ethnic tensions erupted into a civil war that eventually led Australian troops to intervene in an attempt to restore peace; outside forces are still in place in some areas. The nation is blessed with extraordinary reefs and marine life (it has garnered controversy for its export of dolphins) and has attempted to build its reputation as a tourist destination, though its limited infrastructure has hindered this vision from becoming reality very quickly. Those who do make it to these islands will find a wealth of natural beauty, a welcoming and still very traditional culture, and plenty of activities, from surfing waves that few boards have graced before to fishing big game over rainbow-hued reefs. Don't expect luxury resorts here, but there are plenty of very comfortable and clean mid-range hotels.

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Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands

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Solomon Islands is over 1,000 rural and remote islands to discover. Read about their meandering path towards modernity here:

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