As the oldest English-founded city in North America, St John's has a rich history as a major fishing port and sailing harbor. Although it's maritime heyday has passed and the throngs of international sailors that once funneled through the 200-meter wide Narrows have long departed, the city's social center still clings to it's harbour front. Known ... Read more
across Canada for it's eclectic art and folk music scene, downtown St. John's is as lively as it ever was, with vibrant pubs and fine restaurants entertaining visitors and the city's 170,000 inhabitants alike. Recent interest in oil extraction and academia has recharged St. John's economic engine, which was waning after the collapse of cod. As a result, today's city is decidedly more white collar than it's working man past. However, there is no escaping the signs of yesteryear with streets lined in colorful, wood-planked homes and the salty brine of the North Atlantic creeping into every nook and cranny from George Street to the fort-like Cabot Tower.

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San Francisco, California, USA

Gorgeous picturesque town with a fishing village vibe & much more. It's the kind of place that makes you want to slip on a cable knit sweater, grab a cup of coffee and stroll the quint streets. The accents can be a little hard to understand and the half hour time zone difference is kind of odd, but adds to the quirky Newfoundland experience. Don't forget to kiss a cod fish when you're there ;)

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Pittsford (town), New York

Compact, walkable city on the island of Newfoundland. City of around 100,000 with a very nice central area of shops and restaurants.


St. John's, our province's capital, is the perfect combination of big-city luxury and small-town charm. As the oldest and most easterly city in North America, this is where heritage lives. Melded with culture, history, and personality, St. John's has survived two World Wars, five centuries, countless hardships and triumphs. It's become a rare, old city full of character, experience and charisma, with a contemporary, sophisticated edge.

Wander down the narrow, criss-crossing streets carved by horse and carriage over 100 years ago. Pass the colourful jellybean row houses wedged together in every space lining the sides of steep hills and hidden alleyways. Once you've meandered down to the working harbour of the waterfront, look towards the Narrows and imagine a time when the waters were brimming full with fishing schooners.

Brantford, Ontario

Beautiful, colourful city! Also check out if you can some of the smaller little fishing villages, or even Bell Island .. You take a ferry for about 20 minutes from Portugal Cove, just outside of St. John's. The most beautiful spot in the entire province, if you ask me! of course, my parents were born there when it was a booming city, now it's more like a ghost town! But it has a lot of culture, history and amazing murals around the Island that tell the story of it's mining history. You can even go down into the former iron ore mines for a tour. Great photo ops! But definitely, see St. John's! It holds the title of the oldest street in North America (George St.), and the oldest building in North America (again, George St.) Speaking of history ... Bell Island is the only place in North America to have received a direct hit from a torpedo during either world wars! Check out the history, and picture on Flickr! they tell all you will need to know! True good-hearted folks that will take you off the street and feed you! Welcome you with open arms! And party like there's no tomorrow!

Kiryat Gat, Israel

St. John's is great city very good People good Restaurants and Bars and good Motels good food i was there it was wonderful:))))))

Local from St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador

Nice, lovely, unique ! There is a lot to discover in this city and in the surroundings. Especially after June when icebergs, whales, etc. can be seen around.

Frederick, Maryland, USA
First to Review

Charming and fun little town that's as lively as it is cold and remote. Although it's easy to come here for the abundant wildlife in nearby seas and forests, I find myself all too easily drawn into it's other wildlife - the thriving arts and pub scene downtown. Probably the oddest thing of all is that from a cultural and urban center standpoint, there is nothing even close to this anywhere else on Newfoundland. This is it, a small island of civilization in a sea of moose, elk, puffins and mighty whales!

Sudbury, Ontario

loved visting my family up in newfoundland canada ontario


I loved it.


San Juan de Terranova es la capital y mayor ciudad de la provincia canadiense de Terranova y Labrador, situada en el extremo oriental de la península de Avalon, en la isla de Terranova.

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