As Australia’s most cosmopolitan city, Sydney attracts a huge variety of travelers and immigrants. Stretching along the coast facing the Tasman Sea, Sydney strikes a stark image between modern and Victorian buildings and a seaside vacation retreat. Pristine beaches, great sports venues and a multitude of cultural events make Sydney a fantastic ... Read more
place for foreign visitors looking for a taste of Australia. Popular attractions include the Sydney Olympic Park (host of the 2000 Summer Olympics), the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the iconic Sydney Opera House. Follow the crowds to Bondi Beach, rated one of the best in the world, or leave terra firma entirely for a whale watching tour or scenic flight. Sydney's cuisine benefits heavily from the international flair of this relatively new city, as foodies flock to Chinese, Thai, Indian, Tuscan or fusion restaurants across the city. Hotels in downtown Sydney can run on the expensive side, but good public transportation makes neighborhood B&Bs and hostels a great option.

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  • Sydney Opera House
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  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
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  • Bondi Beach
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  • Manly Beach
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Boasting over 300 days of sun per year and temperatures that rarely get too hot or too cold, Sydney is a city with no bad time to visit. The biggest crowds come during summer (December - February), especially ... Read more
for the many big events that take place during the season (Harbour Day, Sydney Festival, Australia Day), so if you want to snag a deal and avoid the throngs of tourists, try to plan a trip for spring (September - November) or fall (March - May).

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Take a ferry to Sydney zoo. See an opera in the world famous opera house. Walk in the park and listen to the bird soundwhuch is so different to the UK. Checkout the harbour and take a boat trip around the bay. Climb the bridge and pay a visit to the other side of the bridge where you'll find cafes and bars.

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Just another visit to city. Very vibrant, very energetic but lack of positive emotions - which only found at tourist attractions

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Definitely something I fell in love with although I do recommend going with or meeting up with friends.

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New York City, New York State, USA

A wonderful city to visit. I would especially recommend the Opera House. Do attend a concert. The acoustics are the finest in the world.

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Singapore, Singapore

Loved the vibe. Juxtaposition of modern and historic. Hop on a water taxi at the Harbour or just enjoy magnificent views, food and fun.

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Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Your first trip to Australia
isn't complete without visiting Sydney! Sydney became what it is today as the British sent their prisoners to the country through its harbour entry. During their stay, the prisoners decided to spruce up the place lol (from what I remember from my tour guide).

Ok ok, so in this post, I will discuss with you things to do in Sydney, accommodations, lessons learned and my total costs for travel to Australia from the United States! So let us dive in to my lessons learned:

- Have cash available at the Sydney Fish - Market as some stands only accept cash.
- Eat at Doyle's at the Fish Market!
- Luckily I didn't travel to Melbourne as part of my getaway but in April it was really cold (for me).
- Buy coffee beans in Melbourne for a souvenir!
- Upon arrival to Australia, 16 countries including the US, goes through e-passport. You scan your own passport and take your own picture! And yes you save space in your passport as you don't get stamped.
- I recommend visiting the Wildlife Park for about 2 hours.
- Visit the Circular Quay (pronounced Key) area in Sydney for great pubs, people watching and access to the harbour! It is also a transportation hub for ferries and trains. Oh and it is a great place to get photos of the opera house and bridge.
- In Sydney, stay in the CBD area for easy access to tourist attractions and local activities.
- If you decide to go to the Handa Opera, eat before or after as the food is expensive there.
- Per the tour guide (someone please verify), the first Harbour was originally where the Sydney airport is located but the water was too shallow there. Therefore, the harbour moved to its current location.

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Local from Sydney, Australia

nice blog amazing place for tourist

get airport shuttle service

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA

Love sydney. It’s busy but then again it’s a big city so what do you expect. There’s so much variety when it comes to food and I love eating at cafes here.

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Foster City, California, USA
First to Review

Sydney is great city! Having lived near San Francisco, I think there are lots of similarities.

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Los Angeles, California, USA

The tourist center of Australia is a place that can't be missed. Beaches, museums, food and everything in between lends itself to anyone and everyone.

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