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Not exactly known as a tourist hotspot, Taipei pleasantly surprises most of its visitors. Though tourism is secondary to a variety of industries as far as Taipei’s major means of productivity, visitors still come in droves. Whether in Taiwan for work, family, or vacation, Taipei warrants several days. Taiwan's financial, cultural and governmental ... Read more
capital is home to innumerable museums, especially the National Palace Museum, parks, and ancient temples displaying the accomplishments of this tenacious nation. Food lovers will want to head out to the Shilin Night Market to taste outstanding Taiwanese food. For a landscape that was once dominated by Soviet-era concrete apartment buildings set up to provide a home for refugees, Taipei has come a long way. The skyline of Taipei is modern and skyscraper-laden, capped off by the imposing presence of Taipei 101, the world's second-tallest building. In addition to the modern architecture, Taipei has the wonderful distinction of being one of the safest cities in the world.

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Taipei’s summer has three strikes against it: the high humidity and temperatures, the influx of tourists on summer vacation; and the highest average rainfall for the year. The cooler temperatures of winter make ... Read more
it a good off-season alternative, and the Chinese New Year and Lantern Festival in January and February are fun celebrations to participate in, but beware the elevated hotel rates and occupancy. Both spring and fall are ideal, with mild temperatures in the 70s and low 80s (21-30C), less rain, and plenty of happenings. Ghost Month, complete with parades, costumes, and plenty of incense, begins in August or September, depending on the year, and in March, the cherry blossoms are in bloom.

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Every cities was awsome. All local people was kind and open minded to foreign tourist and helped me when i asked. For me from Tokyo JPN, it was of a kind of what is called 'home'. In additional, they don't look at me as 'resource of revenue' because of my face, which makes me so confortable than in the other country.

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People very nice no traffic jam low cost of living very good transportation

Recommended for:FoodiesLGBTQGreen TravelersBackpackers

The people of Taiwan are super friendly and generally speak English. The night markets are filled with delicious inexpensive food and public transportation was very easy to use.

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We loved Taiwan, the best thing about it is Taipei is tourist friendly, has the best balance of modern life and respect for culture and history.

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Love the night markets in Taiwan. This country is really safe and you can enjoy the night life here. Traveling all the ways and Taipei to Kaohsiung is easy via THSR. Worth to visit!

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Unbelievable food, no crime, extremely safe, very nice people. Very easy to get around.

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Singapore, Singapore

Taiwan remains largely undiscovered and seriously underrated by Western travellers, but those that make it here are in for some real treats - sensational food, traditional Chinese, aboriginal festivals and exuberant temples, yet the biggest surprise is Taiwan’s hinterland: think towering mountains, eight national parks, a selection of alluring offshore islands and numerous hot-spring resorts.

One of the most endearing things about the island is the overwhelming friendliness of its people – Taiwan is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, and you are bound to encounter numerous acts of generosity or kindness throughout your travels, whether it’s a taxi driver rounding down a fare, a stranger helping with directions or a family providing a bed for the night.

Eating in Taiwan comes a close second, with a vast array of Chinese food and local delicacies on offer. Travelling around the island is relatively straightforward, though the lack of English can make things a challenge at times, particularly as most timetables tend to be displayed solely in Chinese.

Taipei Metro:
Getting around Taipei (capital of Taiwan), is relatively easy. The subway in Taipei starts operating at 6am and is open until midnight, the lines of Taipei Metro have a radial arrangement and they usually circulate from the centre to the periphery – just remember to download the Metro map before your trip and you are ready to go.

Where to go:
Most people prefer to visit Taiwan starting from the famous Taipei 101, the National Palace Museum. However as a shopaholic myself, I usually prefer to start with night markets – Shilin Night Market, Raohe Street night market, Ningxia night market, Feng Chia night market and Yizhong street night market. If you do not have time to visit all of them, probably you can start with the biggest and famous night market first.

Shilin night market – 士林夜市 (Taipei):
Probably the biggest, night market in Taiwan. It is also the typical image of all-night markets. Easy accessible from MRT Jiantan station (Red line), and is always very crowded. The foods there (especially in the market area), however, are so-so and tend to be more expensive. Go to the street area beside for better food. If you are unfamiliar with the night markets in Taiwan, it’s still the best place to go. It can give you an idea of the looks and the tastes of many typical Taiwanese night market snack foods. Warning: don’t buy chopped fruits; they will completely rip you off.

Feng Chia night market – 逢甲夜市 (Taichung):
Definitely a “must go” place in Taichung, tons of shopping and good food around. This night market is located beside a university, making the things there cheaper as compared to other night markets as they cater more to the students there.

Tamsui District (Taipei):
Located at the northern tip of Taiwan, Tamsui is located along the north coast about 40 minutes from Taipei by MRT and very accessible as a day trip, especially popular with locals during the weekend. Home to a variety of western colonial, Japanese, southern Fujianese, and native Taiwanese cultural and architectural attractions, Tamsui is a must visit location for all visitors to the Taipei area.

Located along the riverfront in Tamsui (Danshui), Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk-like area full of shops, carnival games, restaurants, cafes, and snacks.

The waterfront area is a great place to watch the sunset over the Tamsui River. Vendors will generally start in the afternoon and stay open until the last MRT train at 12 midnight.

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Local from Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei 101: a place for first time travelers.

Taipei 101 and nearby areas are good for first time travelers. It is also good for shopping and tax-return products.

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Foster City, California, USA

Taipei is probably most known for its night markets and their food stands. Nightlife is good but usually tailored for very young crowd in their early 20's.

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Shenzhen, China

It's a great city. Love those street artists. Just singing and playing guita freely on the street. Love the food. Though they are a little too sweet for me. Great place for family tour.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodiesStudentsHistory Buffs