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Known for its 24 hour-a-day hustle and bustle atmosphere, Tel Aviv’s nonstop attitude gives it the sensation of a much larger city like New York or Tokyo. Although you'll find thousands of locals and tourists enjoying the Mediterranean coastline, climate and café culture, Tel Aviv isn't your average beach vacation. While Tel Aviv is just over 100 ... Read more
years old, the southern area of Jaffa is home to one of the oldest ports in the world. Check out the Museum of the Jewish Diaspora to learn about the history of Jewish culture. Shoppers should head to Sheinken Street, where the hip and beautiful dictate Israeli style. Buy your outfit here for the nightclubs; Tel Aviv pulsates 'til the wee hours. Care for a quieter evening? Tel Aviv is famous for its international smorgasbord of excellent restaurants. A wide range of sleeping options, including soulful hotels and economical hostels (many with double and private rooms) means there's something for every budget.

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Summer is beach season in Tel Aviv, which means that sun-seekers come out en masse to fight for space on the city’s sandy Mediterranean coastline. If you are not interested in working on your tan, it’s best to ... Read more
avoid the city during this time when the temperatures are high, often topping 85F (30C), and the hotels are at their most expensive. There is a second, slightly less crowded high season during winter when the Europeans move south to warm up. For temperatures ranging from 65-80F (18-27C) and fewer crowds, plan your trip for early spring or late fall, when you can take a leisurely stroll along the beach and dine al fresco in relative peace.

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Nothing special, but a club I've visited last night was pretty good in local style. The airport check out is awful!!!

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Everything beautiful Everything is mixed thats why its special and I love it so much

Recommended for:FoodiesGreen TravelersAdventure TravelersSpiritual Seekers

tel Aviv is amazing. the Israeli people are the nicest warmest people on earth. I had the best time of my life in Israel. best food and great parties. beautiful nature and the beach and sunset are the most beautiful I've ever seen

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I absolutely loved Israel in general. The entire country is just great, the food is amazing and delicious if you love mediterranean food. I was a little scared about security and how safe the country was but honestly i have never felt more safe traveling, there’s military everywhere and there is people everywhere so you will never be alone!

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Great boardwalk by the beach, very nice to walk or bike on. Many hotels and cafes along the boardwalk.

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Orinda, California

Gorgeous beaches, lots of activity , fantastic weather . Sums it up in a nutshell.


Tel Aviv is a small historic city that is quickly becoming a cultural, technological and financial hub. There is a huge amount of construction going on as the city continues to expand. Something here for everyone, from small artsy streets to lively nightclubs and a spectacular beach on the Mediterranean.

Local from Tel Aviv, Israel

Amazing city for any type of traveler. If you are with your family there are plenty of organized tours, restaurants and ofcourse culture and history to explore. For the young and maybe single, there is a ridiculous amount of nightclubs and bars to choose from. Tel Aviv, definitely the place to vacation. I've lived there for 7 years, so if you have any questions feel free to ask! Take care


Tel Aviv is great however you should know what you are looking to do and find what right for you, but anyway Tel-Aviv offers something for everybody.


Palo Alto, California, USA

Tel Aviv has lots to offer. Most of all, it's a very walkable city, full of juxtapositions. Here's my top 10 for first-time visitors:
1/ Explore the Bauhaus architecture of the city (over 4000 Bauhaus buildings in this UNESCO world heritage site. The Bauhaus museum (99 Dizengoff St) offers walking tours of the city (every Fri 10am for English speakers)
2/ Old Jaffa (see my review on old Jaffa) In addition, new areas around Jaffa are opening up Noga is becoming quite trendy with ceramic art studios and cafes juxtaposed with car workshops and old lamp shops.
3/ Shuk Carmel is colourful and there's an art market nearby on Fridays.
4/KeremHaTamanim, just behind the shuk is the Yemenite neighbourhood. The Yemenite Jews, amongst a host of other interesting aspects, are known throughout Israel for their distinctive food: Jachnun, malawach, meat soups and tzhoug chilli sauce. Small eateries in this quiet neighbourhood are ever popular with those in the know.
5/ Neve Tzedek
Another charming neighborhood filled with art shops and quaint cafes to walk around and explore. Catch a dance performance at the Susan Dellal Centre.
6/ Tel Aviv Port (see my Tel Aviv guide)
7/ Shenkin Street - where you can sample Israeli street fashion and brands.
8/ Rothschild Boulevard (see my Rothschild guide)
9/ The night scene. Tel Aviv is a party city with a great underground vibe. Ideally make friends with a local and get them to introduce you.
10/ A day at the beach - So much activity on the weekend. Find a spot, have a drink and people watch - people playing matkot (paddle ball) on the beach, drummers fresh from their 'India experience', surfers, sun bathers and more.

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