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The Ultimate Perth Nightlife Guide

Perth is home to some of the most interesting bars in the entire country. With Alice in Wonderland-like adventures and 1920's Prohibition Era speakeasies that require a password for entry, the possibilities for an unforgettable night out are endless. Looking for a gin joint? One that specializes in bourbon or whiskey? I've got you covered. The beauty of this city is that it loves to create fun unique experiences, especially when it comes to drinking establishments. Not a drinker? No problem. Many of these bars are so interesting and offer such amazing food, you won't even need a drink! Use this guide as a tool to get you from bar to bar in Perth - just remember to hydrate! 
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1. Sneaky Tony's

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

This place is exactly what the name suggests - sneaky! Gaining entrance into Tony's will transport you to the Prohibition Era, where speakeasies were a part of everyday life and secret passwords were essential. Located down a random alley in the center of Northbridge, there is no signage letting you know you have arrived. Instead, it's all word of mouth - even down to the entrance. A daily password is created and you can only be blessed with this information with a like to their Facebook page. Once inside, it is the roaring 20's all over again. Decor is magnificent, drinks are heavenly (it is a Rum paradise) and the music is fun. Translation: this needs to be a stop on your next trip to Perth.

2. The Ellington Jazz Club

191-193 Beaufort Street, Perth WA, Australia

One of my favorite clubs in the entire city, Ellington's offers the best drinks, food and music at a reasonable price. Highly recommended for music lovers of all types - not just jazz! Seats are close to the artist performance area which makes it a much more intimate setting while giving you a unique and breathtaking experience. Recommendation: purchase tickets in advance for tables as these sell out fast.

3. Mustang Bar

46 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Crazy, fun and spacious bar in the center of town. Mustang's has events every night to cater to all different genres of music and dance. On my last visit to Perth, it was always the go-to place at the end of the night because of its awesome music (some nights there are incredible live bands that play in between DJ sets) and fantastic drink specials. The crowd is mixed, some nights it is younger due to the nature of the event, others it is much older. You never know what you are going to get when you head to Mustangs, all you know is that you're going to have an incredible time!

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4. Helvetica

101 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

An awesome restaurant and bar all in one, Helvetica is the perfect place to grab after work drinks. The bar is well stocked, there is an astonishing selection of whiskey and the decor is amazing. It gets really packed at peak times, in particular on Friday and Saturday nights. In a nutshell, it is a cool watering hole vibe with a cozy atmosphere and great music. All it needs is the cigar to go with the vibe!

5. Belgian Beer Cafe

Cnr King & Murray Sts, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Popular bar in Perth (everyone I met had mentioned it or said they had been before). Many beers on tap, weekly specials, beer garden and restaurant. Unfortunately, it is one of those bars that charges you upfront as you order which means there is no rush to get you your meal or drinks. Other than that, the staff is friendly and the environment is relaxed.

6. Frisk Small Bar

103 Francis St, Northbridge, Perth | Northbridge, Western Australia 6003, Australia

A favorite local spot, Frisk is known for their impressive selection of gins. Highly knowledgeable and friendly staff makes this place feel like home. The bar itself is small but there are benches outside which makes it perfect for breezy summer nights.

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7. Northbridge Brewing Company

44 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Probably one of the best situated bars in the city, NBC is always a great time. Staff is friendly and so knowledgeable. Loud music is played, giving the place an awesome party vibe. Some nights there are some great drink specials. The first night we went, they were handing out tickets for 1/2 priced drinks. You definitely can't beat that!

8. Andaluz Bar & Tapas

21 Howard St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Nice basement style bar with lots of big couches, delicious drinks and an interesting selection of tapas. The beer on tap selection is small but their cocktails more than make up for it. It's a small place which on the weekends can be a little too tight.

9. Mechanics Institute Bar

222 William St, Perth, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Difficult to find which is actually part of the fun, Mechanic's has a speakeasy feel to it. Not a wide selection of beers on tap, but gin and whiskey selection was amazing. They work with the burger place (Flipside) downstairs which provides massive burgers to go with your beer. Friendly staff, large venue - there is even a patio area where you can sit and enjoy the view while you have your meal or drink. Dare: order the Bloody Mary. You'll be surprised to know it comes with a celery stick spiked with a slider, hot dog and cheese!

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10. The Court Hotel

50 Beaufort Sreeet, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Came here during Halloween weekend (was surprised to see the holiday was so big in Australia!) and had the best night out. The place itself is enormous - with tons of rooms playing different styles of music. There is a courtyard area that has a huge DJ booth and where you can sing and dance with the crowd to electronic music. I was in heaven. A mezzanine area looks over the courtyard while the 2nd floor caters to hip-hop music and also has an outdoor area of its own. Drinks are good - expensive - but for a place of this size, it is to be expected. It's a known gay club, so there are usually drag queen shows during the week.

11. Cheeky Sparrow

6/317 Murray St (access via Wolf Lane), Western Australia, Australia

Trendy bar that offers interesting cocktails and is known for their delicious pizza with outrageous toppings! The main floor is usually loud and busy, while upstairs is where you go for some cozy space and comfortable seating. Beautiful setting, friendly and very accommodating staff.

12. Wines of While

458 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Nice little wine bar on William Street in the Northbridge area. Impressive wine list, they have something for every pallet. Reasonable prices on all drinks plus some delicious appetizers. I recommend the cheese plate!

13. Bar Lafayette

St Georges Terrace, Western Australia 6000, Australia

One of the most interesting bars in Perth! It is like being in a mini maze where every room is different and has a character of its own! The atmosphere is great, weekends are so fun and during the week it's a corporate after work getaway. French music floods the bar as beautiful cheese platters are presented to tables all around. If you didn't know, you'd think you were in a bar in Europe!

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14. Wolfe Lane

Wolf Lane, Perth WA, Australia

Eclectic bar nestled in a strip of small bars that stands out with its awesome artwork outside on its outside walls. Once you step inside, you feel as though you've fallen down the rabbit hole of a child's story. There are amazing antiques and collectibles all around the bar. Drinks are delicious - make sure to ask about specials!

15. Air Nightclub

139 James Street, Perth WA, Australia

Situated right in the center of the city, Air looks and sounds like an amazing club from the outside. However, once you get inside you come to find that it's appearances can be deceiving. We wandered in on a Friday night, just in time to use the coupon a girl hired by the club unenthusiastically handed us just steps from the entrance. The only good thing about this coupon was that entry was free and drinks were half price until 11p. Maybe it was the time, but the club was empty. The DJ was not great either, sounding more like the radio than a club DJ. Outside smoking area provided nice views of the city. Drinks were measured down to the drop, probably because they were half price. Nice to check out, but wouldn't recommend.

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16. Varnish on King

75 King St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Cool little bar on a very popular street. Nights and weekends are completely packed so make sure to get there on the earlier side to avoid standing all night. Atmosphere is relaxed, staff is wonderful and the whiskey selection is huge. Overall, a win!

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17. 399 Bar

399 William St, Western Australia 6000, Australia

Small cozy bar with a great vibe. Perfect for meeting with friends and catching up as the music is never too loud. The most interesting thing about this bar is that you can order anything you want with UberEats and have it delivered to the bar. The last time I went, we ordered pizza and had beer at the bar. Can't beat that!

18. The Classroom

356 Charles Street, North Perth, Vincent, Western Australia 6006, Australia

Quirky little boutique bar with a cool vibe. The decor inside is entirely made to look like you are back in elementary school, which is aptly described with its name. Delicious cocktails at a great price. Keep an eye out for the secret bookcase that leads you into another drinking area!

19. Bar de Halcyon -- CLOSED

31 Wolf Lane, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Known as Perth's first pinchos bar, BDH delivers the experience of a Spanish tapas bar. Deliciously fresh food, great drinks and a relaxed but busy atmosphere. Be sure to look out for their menu specials as their tapas and dessert selections change daily!

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20. Holey Moley

53 Lake St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

A ridiculously fun bar full of games to play while you drink. Dark to walk into at first, the bar is famous for its mini golf (hence the name "Holey") with each hole presenting a new challenge, especially as you drink more. Quiet during the week but packed on the weekends so make sure you get there earlier!

21. Choo Choo's

Brookfield Place Lower Plaza, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Cool bar hidden away on St. George Terrace with very friendly staff and fun atmosphere. Most bars won't let you purchase a pint, but Choo Choo's has an entire menu of them plus a free bowl of popcorn once you've sat down! Cocktails are interesting and delicious. You can order food at the bar, which comes from Grill'd. Overall, a great place for after work drinks or to meet with friends on the weekend.

22. The Laneway Lounge

414A Murray St, Western Australia, Australia

Awesome little place that serves Jazz era cocktails and is known for their tasty tapas. Pros: amazing live music, huge gin and bourbon selection and on Wednesdays it is 'Endless Tapas' night for $50!
Cons: That this place isn't more of a secret. Weekends can get really packed.

23. Bobeche

Basement/131 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Old fashioned bar in the CBD area located downstairs from The Heritage restaurant. Very chill, stylish ambiance, fun music, amazing drinks and great service. Also - they have the most comfortable couches and free popcorn! Need I say more?

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24. Alabama Song

232 William St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

Tucked away in an alley in the center of the city, Alabama is one of my favorite places to go for live blues music. The drinks are spectacular (and really big!), the staff is on point and the atmosphere is busy yet laid back. On the weekends, you will find that some people dress for the music and it is almost as if you are transported back in time. The artists perform behind a fenced area, some say it's because when they first opened people would throw bottles much in the style of the times.

25. The Bird

181 William St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia

Large venue with a stage up front, known for their Indie performances. Bartenders are all very friendly and the wait staff is extremely knowledgeable. They have a fairly large selection of craft beers. The venue setup isn't great, it's tough to move about especially when there is a change of artist. However, there is also outdoor seating which helps.

Last updated at Oct 02, 2019