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90 Thompson Dr, Thompson, MB R8N 1Y9, Canada
(800) 839-2256
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Pleasant Hill, California, USA
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My 2006 Earthwatch trip (Climate Change at Arctic's Edge) was in Churchill, MB. There are no roads into Churchill and there's only 2 practical ways to get there - the train or Calm Air. I decided to take the VIA train up and the plane back.

The plane took off on time from Churchill and was due to fly non-stop to Winnipeg where I would then catch a connecting flight to Chicago and then home to the SF Bay Area. Mid-flight, the pilot announced unspecified mechanical issues and we ended up landing in Thompson. Thompson is a small northern city that was built due to the nearby nickel mine. The airport is pleasant, but it got old quickly as the promised quick repairs turned into a cancelled flight. Updates were not very forthcoming and frustration was setting in.

I managed "Calm" down and get on the next flight to Winnipeg. I probably set a record getting off the plane, picking up my bag through a mass of soccer kids, passing through US customs, and proceeding to the gate. Winnipeg is a pretty compact airport that way.

But in the end, it probaby didn't matter. The United flight to from Winnipeg to Chicago was delayed as was the flight from Chicago to SFO. The travel gods were not cooperating. In the end, I arrived at SFO at around 3 AM arrival and found a groggy Gayle waiting for me. In the World!

So despite being unhappy with the Calm Air detour (which was more enjoyable than the United delays), the actual flight experience was pretty good. The folks working there were friendly, the onboard snacks were tasty, the small planes they fly were comfortable and the flight wasn't too bumpy.

Calm Air International Ltd

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