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Thompson, MB, Canada
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Pleasant Hill, California, USA
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Short of the Camp 222 airstrip near the Mackenzie Pass in the Northwest Territories and maybe Churchill, this is the smallest and most remote Canadian airport that I have visited to date. And that just goes to show that I need to get out into the "Great White North" more! Rankin Inlet anyone?

Thompson Airport was developed originally by the International Nickel Company in 1961 to support their mining operations and had one runway 3,000 ft in length. And although YTH was transferred to Transport Canada in 1963, the airport and the Thompson community remain heavily dependent on the mining industry. This area also an economic hub for outlying First Nations and other communities.

I landed here incidentally when my Calm Air flight from Churchill to Winnipeg was diverted due to unspecified mechanical issues. The Thompson airport was pleasant, friendly and very small town. I half expected to be invited to someones home for dinner. That welcome wore out soon enough as our original flight was cancelled, more delays set in, and and my planned Bay Area return might have to wait several more hours or maybe even overnight somewhere.

However, I managed to "Calm" down and get on the next flight (which aren't scheduled very often in these parts). As it turned out, it was one of those travel days that most of us have experienced at one time or another. The Winnipeg and Chicago legs of my return journey were also delayed and I didn't arrive back at SFO until around 3 AM. A tired Gayle was waiting for me with a smile and 3 words - In the World!

Thompson Airport

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