Maiji Shan Shiku

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Tianshui, Gansu Province, China
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Shanghai, China
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Maijishan Buddhist Grottoes near Tianshui City in the eastern part of Gansu Province are a great sight. They may not be quite as impressive as the caves in Dunhuang, Luoyang or Datong, but given the great infrastructure of this part of China they are very easy to get to from either Lanzhou or Xi'an, being a stop on the railway line between the two cities.
Carved mainly during the Northern Wei and the Zhou dynasties the earliest of the Buddhist rock carvings here date back to the 4th century AD, and is a testament to the influence of the Silk Road in ancient times. This site is about 30 minutes outside Tianshui City and easy to get to by minivan or taxi. Regular shuttle buses also run from Tianshuis train station. From the entrance it is another 20 minutes walk or a few minutes in the park shuttle buses to reach the site itself.
Base yourself in Tianshui to make sure to have enough time to explore the rather large area. Doing it as a day trip from either Xi'an or Lanzhou is too ambitious and will leave little time to see the entire complex, which is large and contains thousands of Buddhist statues in varying sized, the largest being alomst 20 meters tall.

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Maiji Shan Shiku

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