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Tianshui, China
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Shanghai, China
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I found this place to be great! It doesn't look like much from outside, but inside the Old Home is a maze of very well-preserved old buildings and tea halls, one of the best I've visited in China. The former owners, a wealthy family, lived here until the 1940s, which is probably why it has been kept so well.
As you enter through the main entrance on Minzhu Road you need to follow the signs leading to your right to get to the interesting parts of the former home. There are guides for hire, but only Chinese language service is available though. Interesting parts include the former sleeping quarters of the women of the house, and a funny new installation where you can use a computer to model different classic Chinese opera faces.
This place surprised me, as management has really done a great job of protecting all the old artefacts while at the same time making a visit here very enjoyable. Although the Old Home alone does not warrant a trip to Tianshui, should you find yourself here make sure not to miss this place!

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Old Home

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