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Though flying a bit under the international radar thanks to its location in the extreme southern tip of Patagonian Chile, the Torres del Paine is one of the world's most scenic regions. Home to towering mountains that are some of the steepest and most impressive geological formations somehow still standing, this beautiful national park is protected ... Read more
for good reason. Touting names that translate loosely into imagery rich descriptions like "the towers of blue" and "mountains of horns" the craggy withered peeks of the mountains here are truly spectacular to behold. As their spire-like formations approach sea-level, the terrain becomes lush and green, with expansive plains and grasslands meeting up with glassy mountain stream fed lakes. Transportation options are available, but most of the best locations are accessible only by foot, making this a real haven for the truly adventurous. A mere fifteen dollar fee gains your admittance, helping to make this scenic park one of Chile's most popular tourist attractions.

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Miravet, Spain

Have you died and just woken up in paradise? Hope it looks something like this. Possibly the most astonishingly beautiful place in the world. Best time to visit, slightly off season but beware the long drive from Punta Arenas.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsWellnessAdventure Travelers
New York City

This is without question one of my favorite places on earth. Located about 200 miles north of Punta Arenas in the very southern tip of Chile this is a magnificent national park to explore. The "Tower of Paine" three granite mountains rising straight up 2,000 meters from sea level is spectacular. But the park has other things to explore as well, trails that lead to azur colored lakes, glaciers, and a slew of animals. Simply a fantastic place that must be visited.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersFamily TravelersBackpackers
Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

Torres del Paine national park is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. The weather is unpredictable and harsh but, when the sky clears, the views here are absolutely incredible. One of the world's premier trekking destinations. The infrastructure is excellent making it a place where you can enjoy an adventure with comfort. Camp in your own tent or hike between refugios. The scenery is as spectacular as the wind is strong and you can easily experience all seasons in a single day even in the summer.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBackpackersAdventure Travelers
Menlo Park, California, USA

One of the most beautiful, rugged places on earth is located near the southern tip of Chile! Torres del Paine boasts glaciers, lakes, gushing waterfalls and towering spires. Bring warm clothes, though. Gets cold at night, even in the summer!

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBackpackersGreen TravelersOutdoor Enthusiasts
Denver, Colorado, USA

Torres del Paine is a gorgeous national park at the southern tip on Chile. It's all about hiking here, with well-marked paths with views of (or alongside) dramatic mountains, a huge glacier, a lake and lots of rivers. There are several shelters within the park itself and camping is permitted too. The best time to go is during the summer months (November-March), when the climate is tolerable and the sun shines about 16-18 hours a day.

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersBudget TravelersFamily TravelersOutdoor Enthusiasts
Redwood City, California, USA

I hiked the W route in Torres del Paine with a good friend, and loved it. We carried our own gear, but rented tents along the way, which was nice because we didn't feel in a rush to get to the next campsite to reserve a spot.

The landscape is absolutely phenomenal and incredibly varied for such a compact area. This is a great place to make friends along the trail.

New York City, New York State, USA

The Torres del Paine national park showcases the impressive peaks of Patagonia, as well as several lakes and glaciers. You'll see plenty of wildlife, including wild guanacos and condors. The scenery is stunning, and if you're in southern Chile, this is probably the reason you are here.


Torres del Paine is probably the best national park I've ever visited. The park itself is very accessible, and allows for one day hikes and multi day treks. I did the latter, completing a 4-day "W" circuit (dubbed the "W" as it looks like, well, a W). Highlights include spectacular views of glaciers, flora, fauna, and an amazingly blue lake. Campsites are fine, and offer tents and small hostel-esque options.

London, United Kingdom

Just... amazing. We left our bags in El Calafate and headed across the border to Chile with only our bare essentials to do the 4 day W trek at Torres Del Paine. We booked our accommodation in advance (shop around for travel agents) and then headed off. We took some food with us rather than pay the exorbitant prices (you are a cornered market otherwise at the few and far between lodges), and started off. We met lots of people in the lodges but encountered few on the walk. The sights were second to none, and I was left breathless nearly all of the trek (admittedly this was both from the walking and the amazing scenery). From sinister and crumbling glaciers to beautiful turquoise lakes, this trek had it all. I just wish I could go back.

Dress warm, pack light, and budget for the occasion: pricey but oh so worth it.


torres del payne one of the amazing places I visit, big mountaine, beatifull flora and fauna, great for picture