Ultra luxury hot winter destinations & private islands

Anisha Shah
Anisha Shah
London, UK

It’s grey and blustery, sunlight is a rare treat and the sight of your own bare skin even rarer. This is definitely the time to fly to a hot hideaway. Sassy luxury-lusters are seeking exclusive sanctuaries in remote and uncharted territory.  Following in the footsteps of royalty and celebrities, once unheard of, is now reality. From private islands to royal and celebrity retreats, my quest for the best intensifies. 

I’ve hotfooted across isolated white-sands, snorkelled over vibrant reefs in warm emerald seas and stayed in the most pristine award-winning ultra-luxury properties on the planet in search of finery and seclusion, as a Luxury Emerging Destinations Travel Journalist. 

Here’s my pick of the world’s hottest winter retreats fit for would-be castaways.

Last updated at Jan 08, 2014