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  • Casa Amarena
    Ranked #18 overall in Citta della Pieve hotels
    • Il Capanno - bed and breakfast
      Ranked #24 overall in Citta di Castello hotels
      • La Sorgente Del Subasio
        Ranked #161 overall in Assisi hotels
        • Free WiFi
        • Swimming Pool
        • Free Parking
        • Pets Allowed
      • Le Tortorelle Bed & Breakfast
        Ranked #160 overall in Assisi hotels
        • Agriturismo la Pigge
          Ranked #167 overall in Perugia hotels
          • L'Albero Bianco
            Ranked #77 overall in Orvieto hotels
            • Podere Urbani
              Ranked #78 overall in Terni hotels
              • La Posta di Bacco
                Ranked #12 overall in Gualdo Cattaneo hotels
                • Agriturismo Poggio del Sole
                  Ranked #7 overall in San Feliciano sul Trasimeno hotels
                  • Agriturismo Colle Abramo delle Vigne
                    Ranked #30 overall in Narni hotels
                    • Agriturismo Badia di Sasso
                      Ranked #12 overall in Monte Santa Maria Tiberina hotels
                      • Palazzo delle Signorine
                        Ranked #6 overall in Cannara hotels
                        • Agriturismo La Palombara
                          Ranked #19 overall in Cascia hotels
                          • Agriturismo il Moro
                            Ranked #69 overall in Gubbio hotels
                            • Le Brolle
                              Ranked #8 overall in Bettona hotels
                              • Il Capisterium
                                Ranked #22 overall in Norcia hotels
                                • Agriturismo Locanda Settimo Cielo
                                  Ranked #85 overall in Orvieto hotels
                                  • Poggio del Pino
                                    Ranked #185 overall in Perugia hotels
                                    • Residenza di Campagna
                                      Ranked #165 overall in Assisi hotels
                                      • Badia il Vingone
                                        Ranked #27 overall in Citta di Castello hotels
                                        Umbria Hotel Insider
                                        “The green heart of Italy” may not have the great Renaissance artworks of Florence, canals of Venice or legendary ruins of Rome, but what it does have is even more paramount: the preservation of times past. Here, the indelible mark of the Etruscans -- the first people in Italy to learn to write -- can be seen in Umbria’s simple, seasonal cuisine, centuries-old farmhouses that dot the gentle rolling landscape, and medieval town of Assisi. The best part is that Umbria is one of Italy’s less traveled regions, meaning that you don’t have to push through hoards of tourists to get up close and personal with its fascinating history. Eat, drink and enjoy the area’s dolce vita by staying in a restored castle, centuries-old inn, or five star luxury hotel, where Umbria’s proud history meets modern comforts.

                                        Where to Stay in Umbria
                                        Every place in Umbria tells a story, and the region’s diverse accommodations are no exception. If five star luxury is what you seek, consider the Brufani Palace Hotel in Perugia where bedrooms are fit for a king (or queen) and the crystal-clear water of an indoor pool sits above actual Etruscan settlement remains. Other luxury hotels include the Park Hotel Ai Cappuccini, a restored 17th century monastery in Gubbio, the Villa dei Platani, a small boutique hotel in Foligno, and Borgobrufa Spa Resort in Torgiano. All three are home to a spa.

                                        For a more intimate experience, stay at the Castello di Monterone, a restored 13th century castle in the countryside. You’ll sleep in a bed specially designed by wood and iron artisans, and dine on the flavors of the land in the castle’s restaurant. For a more eco-friendly centuries-old abode, try the Alla Madonna del Piatto, where you can learn how to cook like a native with magnificent views of Assisi in the background.

                                        And if you truly want to experience the world-famous chocolate of Perugia, treat yourself to a night at the Etruscan Chocohotel for a chocolate-themed room and chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

                                        Must See Attractions in Umbria
                                        There is no end to the scenic views, historic sites and exquisite places to eat in Umbria. Many visitors start in Assisi, the birthplace of Italy’s patron saint, Saint Francis. Take a guided tour of the Basilica of St. Francis, home to the famous frescoes of Giotto, Cimabue, and St. Francis’ tomb. For more medieval history, head to the cobbled lanes of Orvieto to see the Orvieto Cathedral and explore the caves of Orvieto Underground.

                                        Visit the region’s capital, Perugia, to stroll around its vibrant downtown area, see the formidable art collection at the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria and take a tour of the Perugina Chocolate Factory. Before leaving, be sure to spend a few hours in nearby Todi, a small picturesque town that overlooks the Tiber river.

                                        Full of tiny cobblestone stairways, ancient stone houses and gorgeous views of the Umbrian countryside, the small hillside town of Spoleto is another must-see. Visit in May to partake in the annual Spoleto Festival, two weeks of ballet, classic music, jazz, opera, film, dancing and visual arts.

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