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Art lays its rangy hands on every surface in Valparaiso. And not just in the form of murals, authorized and un-, which appear on every block, perhaps even more common than the city's abundant cats. The neighborhoods themselves seem like artwork: homes are walled with corrugated tin, usually painted a primary color. Not satisfied with accosting ... Read more
their streets with rainbows, they keep after their house-art, using whatever they have at hand. They make a doorknob out of a bike gear. They sneak a rubber cat into the window of a burnt-out house. They glue an old boat to the side of their house. In addition to its ubiquitous art, the city's other defining characteristic is its kamikaze hilliness. It's so steep, you could practically read it left to right, top to bottom. To navigate the city’s strenuous verticality, residents and visitors have the benefit of dozens of all-weather elevators, or funiculars. Pay 300 pesos and you will be transported – in a jerking 75-year-old wood box – to altitude. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and will quickly become your favorite city in Chile.

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  • Cerro Concepción
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  • Pablo Neruda Houses
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  • Paseo 21 de Mayo
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  • Paseo Atkinson
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Milan, Italy

I have been blessed to spend a New Year celebration in this lovely Port city full of street art. Watching the fire show from a house on the edge of the city with a full view on the bay is still one the best visual experiences I have ever had,

Recommended for:History BuffsAdventure TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Foster City, California, USA

Did a trip on a bus from Santiago. Spent the half day at the beach and other half eating and walking around. Its a weekend getaway town for the locals.

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsBudget TravelersBackpackers
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I only had the pleasure of coming here for a day trip but I really enjoyed my time at this city by the sea.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersBackpackersTrendsters
Pittsford (town), New York

This is a busy major city and seaport and the third largest metropolitan area in Peru. Large port area required a shuttle just to the terminal. We walked around the city and enjoyed the street life and people watching. Nice markets and of course the funicular.

Recommended for:Budget TravelersAdventure Travelers
Brooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

It is hard not to love Valparaiso and, though it is decaying, it is well-deserving of a renaissance which seems to be gradually underway. It is different from anywhere I have ever been but you can feel a bit of other great port cities, including San Francisco, Lisbon, and Marseille.

Lovely ocean views, street art, exceptional food and friendly pups on almost every corner. A great place to spend a few days just soaking up the atmosphere. Ride the ascensors, take in the views, roam the back alleys / stairwells and eat and drink your way to bliss.

Recommended for:FoodiesHistory BuffsTrendsters
Edinburgh, UK

Artsy and chaotic, this city is everything I love about South America. I enjoyed just about everything from roaming around taking of photos of street art, to hitting all of the "touristy" spots like the funiculars and Pablo Neruda's eclectic house, and even to eavesdropping on the conversations of old sailors down at the bars by the docks. Definitely worth a visit!

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversBudget Travelers
Santiago, Chile

VALPARAISO PHOTO SAFARI © 2014 Cristobal Ganderats @ganderats  #chile #valparaiso #photosafari 

Recommended for:Adventure TravelersArt & Design LoversBackpackersLuxury Travelers
San Francisco, California, USA

Take a short bus ride (~1.5 hrs) from Santiago, and spend a night in Valpo. It's a cozy, beautiful town full of "cerros" (hills). You could easily spend an afternoon wondering through los cerros, marveling at the colorful old houses and street murals. Valpo also houses one of Pablo Neruda's homes, so if you're the literary type, Valparaiso is a real gem.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFoodiesHistory BuffsStudents
New York City, New York State, USA

Funiculars have served Valparaíso since the late 1800s; ride one of the acensores up the hills to look down at the colorful urban sprawl fringing the sea below. The port city is the cultural hub of Chile (poet Pablo Neruda once lived here), and the residents’ creative spirit manifests itself in the vibrant tones of the multihued homes and the bohemian murals tagging the walls.

New York City, New York State, USA

Valparaiso seems to have more city than it has places to put it. Even the very steep hills have houses hanging off them, each of them playfully colored.