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As the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire, Vienna entrances tourists with its almost seamless blend between baroque imperial palaces and modern architectural marvels. The grandiose façades of the Hofburg Palace, art, and natural history museums protect some of the finest collections of artifacts in the world, including the jewels of the ... Read more
Hapsburg Monarchy. Once home to Mozart, Strauss and Beethoven, Vienna is still the classical music capital of the world with an astounding number of concert halls and live music venues. For animal lovers, a visit to the Spanish Riding School may get them a glimpse of the famed white Lipizzaner stallions, one of the purest horse breeds on Earth. Kids and adults alike flock to the Prater amusement park and its giant 19th century Riesenrad ferris wheel. Vienna is also home of the world famous “Kaffeehauskultur,” and grand coffee houses featuring baroque to modern decoration dot the city. Tourists can stop by for a unique Viennese coffee or perhaps the famed veal Wiener Schnitzel or chocolate Sacher torte. Restaurant and hotel options are plentiful, ranging from budget to luxury, and a selection of nightlife choices include nightclubs, bars and casinos catering to nearly every scene. Vienna's public transport system blankets the city with a highly efficient network of urban railways, trams, subways and buses.

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  • Schönbrunn Palace
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Landmark, Castle or Palace
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  • Belvedere Museum
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Art Gallery
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  • Hofburg
    Sights and Museums, Art Museum, Landmark, Castle or Palace
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  • Vienna State Opera
    Performing Arts, Opera House
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If you are heading to Vienna to experience its renowned music scene, try to plan your trip for spring, when the weather breaches the “tolerable” range, with temperatures ranging from 45-70F (7-21C), and the ... Read more
city flings itself headlong into festival season. Fall is a great second choice, with similar weather and plenty of operas and concerts to keep you satisfied. Much of the city’s cultural life goes into hibernation during the freezing temperatures of winter, but the Christmas season is festive and draws many visitors. Summer, similarly, doesn’t have as much on the calendar, but the warmer temperatures, averaging about 78F (25.5C), are perfect for an evening out on the Danube - when it’s not raining.

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Top Vienna restaurants

  • Figlmuller
    Austrian, Gastropub
    Popular withFoodiesFamilies
  • Cafe Central
    Breakfast & Brunch, Austrian, Cafe
    Popular withFoodiesLuxury
  • Demel Cafe
    Ice Cream and Desserts, Breakfast & Brunch, Cafe
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  • Schweizerhaus
    German, Austrian, Gastropub
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  • 9.8
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So easy and cheap to get around the city with public transport! The city is full of museums and palaces like the Sisi palace, Belvedere, Freud museum, etc. The local beer gardens and cuisine are a must! eautiful places to visit nearby include beautiful vineyard on the edge of the city. Drive along the Danube to Melk to visit its abbey. Budapest and Bratislava are good daytrips by train.

Recommended for:Family TravelersHistory BuffsAdventure TravelersSolo Female Travelers
Greater Vancouver, Canada

Nice Places to visit. Lots of History to find. Special before Christmas. Watch for all the nice Cafes and local Restaurants. For youngsters and Students there are lots of clubs and bars to vistit.

Recommended for:FoodiesLuxury TravelersHistory BuffsArt & Design Lovers
Cambridge, UK

We keep returning and we love this city. The naschmarkt is wonderful, as is haus des mers and schonbrunn.

Recommended for:Family TravelersFoodiesGreen Travelers
Klang, Malaysia

Vienna is situated in Austria and we have heard and desired to visit this place long ago. The popular place are Schoenbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace and Rathaus.

Recommended for:History BuffsSpiritual SeekersArt & Design Lovers
San Francisco, California, USA

From watching the true horsemanship skills of the Lipizzaner stallions' riders to the Wiener Schnitzel and the incredible architecture, Vienna is a wonderful place to visit while in Europe.

Recommended for:Luxury TravelersHistory Buffs
Thessaloniki, Greece

In Vienna!
Vienna is a beautiful city! Visit it soon and enjoy its special identity!

Recommended for:WellnessLuxury TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Cape Town, South Africa

I was in Vienna several times and it took time for me to start loving this city. Anyway more times I was in Vienna more I like this place with all the magical atmosphere.

Recommended for:BackpackersArt & Design Lovers

It' a very beautiful city. If you are ineterested in art you must go to Albertini and Belvedere

Recommended for:StudentsLuxury TravelersArt & Design Lovers
Bucharest, Romania

Vienna is a beautiful city to visit. I loved since my first trip there, and even if it is the foreign city in which I spent the longest time, I still want to get back. The city was included among top three cities to live in 2015. From beautiful buildings to splendid museums and attractions for children and adults, this is a not to miss capital of Europe. Great during the spring, beautiful during the summer and autumn and incredibly festive in winter with one of the most famous Christmas fairs, not to mention the amazing New Year’s concert, Vienna has something special for each visitor. Yes, it is a city I cherish.

Tempe, Arizona

Holocaust Memorial in the Jewish quarter near the city center. So many lives lost so brutally. A very sad reminder.

Recommended for:History Buffs