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Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is the antithesis of a bustling capital like London. In fact, it feels more like a welcoming village, nestled in a bend of the Mekong River, Vientiane is dotted with temples and quirky, accessible attractions like the Buddha Park featuring surreal statues of the Buddha and the Monk Chat, a monthly opportunity to hang ... Read more
out with, you guessed it, monks. The major monument in town is Patuxai, and for local food, you'll want to head to the night market. Know that Vientiane is not a tourist city, but it still offers visitors the chance to experience the closest thing Laos has to urban living. Recently the city has begun to grow and develop, but that has fortunately resulted more in new restaurants, nice bars to drink Beerlao (the local brew), and better hotels than in ostentatious resorts or high rises.

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  • Patuxai
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  • Buddha Park
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  • Pha That Luang
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  • COPE Visitor Centre
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Bangkok, Thailand

Vientiane has it all, laid back folks, cheap eats and a stunning sunset. Glorious.

Recommended for:Family TravelersBackpackers
Wellington, New Zealand

Too many travellers write Vientiane off as boring and leave it as soon as they can, often after just a few hours. Admittedly it doesn't have the beauty of Vang Vieng or charm of Luang Prabang but if you scratch beneath the surface you'll find its an interesting place. Visit Wat Sisaket and That Luang, wander the markets at sunset along the waterfront, and try some local delicacies at the night markets along Khouvieng Road.

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Stuttgart, Germany

"quied" nice capitol, friendly people, nice restaurants along the river, not very much to see but good athmosphere

Athens, Greece

Vientiane is such a relaxed place. I arrived on Thursday a little bit after noon and the city seemed so dormant, it was hard to believe it was a workday. As the night fell near the river the city starts to come alive with the night market, the locals exercising by the river, the street bbqs, it is just suddenly full of smells, sounds and vibrant colors. Laos is really inexpensive and the food is delicious as it is all over SE Asia. If you spend a few days in Vientiane you won't be disappointed.

Anchorage, Alaska, USA

This is about the quietest southeast Asian capital there is. I spent a few days here and while it's not terribly exciting, on the other had it is quite relaxed. Many travelers skip it. I wouldn't necessarily avoid Vientiane, but I don't know if I would recommend going out of your way to come here. But overall a pleasant city.

Recommended for:BackpackersBudget Travelers

Compared to the hectic, bustling capitals in other Southeast Asian countries, Vientiane's deliciously relaxing atmosphere makes it feel like the small town it is. After you've done the round of temples, the best thing to do here has always been to wander down to the riverside, relax with a cold Beerlao - the Lao national beer - and watch the sun set over the Mekong.


I think today i'm so Happy but someone very Sad. Her ask me but...... i'm Sorry Mom. ;(

First to Review

I can't decide if Bratislava or Vientiane is the sleepiest capital city I have ever been to. I call it a tie. Honest opinion? Spend a day or two here, check out the buddha park, get your Thai visa sorted so you can stay 60 days, then head into Laos and actually see why everyone is obsessed with this country. You won't understand by just hanging out in the capital. Although it does have an awesome downtown street with cool retro cafes and bars, and you can't beat a beer along the Mekong (if you're closer to the rainy season and it's not mostly dried up) but after a few days you will be bored and ready to move on. That is when Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang will begin calling your name!


ok but not great .

Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Very delicious foods