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Vina del Mar is where Santinguinos go to party. The resort town on central Chile’s Pacific coast is one of Chile’s most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its million hotels and condos, its clubs, and its gorgeous (if cold) ocean beaches. The city is known as the garden city due to the lush vegetation and green spaces that break up modern high ... Read more
rises and traditional houses. The town is home to Vina del Mar Casino, which offers all-night gaming for those who desire it. The city is home to multiple international festivals, including many of Chile's most important music and film events.

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  • Playa Reñaca
    8.711 reviews
    Outdoors, Beaches and Watersports, Beach
    Popular withOutdoorsyFamilies
  • Jardín Botánico Nacional
    9.65 reviews
    Outdoors, Park
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  • Castillo Wulff
    8.36 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Historic Site, Castle or Palace
    Popular withHistoryOutdoorsy
  • Quinta Vergara
    8.85 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Outdoors, Park
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Milano, Italia

After watch the fire show to celebrate the New Year in Valparaiso, I headed to Vina del Mar clubs to party. Great vibe and a nice discovery the following days, that there is more to the vibrant nightlife. Not really the beach (the water is too cold for my liking), but big parks and green spaces to stroll around.

Recommended for:Green TravelersNightlife Lovers
Foster City, California, USA

Did a trip on a bus from Santiago. Spent the half day at the beach and other half eating and walking around. Its a weekend getaway town for the locals.

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SF Bay Area, Western US
First to Review

Vina del Mar is a great coastal resort town reminiscent of California. In fact, the deep bay reminds me a lot of Monterey, California, where I grew up, with its shape and deep waters. The beautiful long beaches are like Southern California, and with the hi-rises, a bit like Santa Monica or Surfer's Paradise in Australia. The weather is a lot like parts of California, too. In fact, it is a sister city to Sausalito, California, the popular tourist destination across the bay from San Francisco, and the town by the shore has more of that feeling.

So sit on a patio restaurant, take in the great view, and enjoy a nice Ceviche and glass of wine, like I did when I visited.

Vina Del Mar has about 250,000 people, fourth largest in Chile.


Cool place

Strassen, Luxembourg

a bit crowded in the Chilean summer

Local from Viña del mar, Chile

beautiful garden city.

Local from Vina del Mar

Pisco sour a la peruana de muy buen sabor y el ceviche exquisito 100% recomendable

Recommended for:Nightlife Lovers
Local from Vina del Mar, Chile

La costa de la región de Valparaíso está compuesta por tres ciudades que están encadenadas geográficamente y conforman un eje metropolitano de fácil acceso y conectividad. Valparaíso es sin duda el destino y el motivo por el que debes venir a nuestra V Región de Chile. La belleza de Valparaíso es única en el mundo; ciudad de poetas, arquitectos y de rica actividad cultural. Sin embargo los servicios consolidados de turismo están en Viña del Mar, clásico destino turístico nacional y principal ciudad de turismo en Chile.
Debes sentar tu base en Viña del Mar, donde tienes los mejores hoteles, restaurantes y diversión por ejemplo en su Casino, Jardín Botánico, paseo costero entre Reñaca y ConCón.

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversFamily TravelersOutdoor Enthusiasts

Estadio Sausalito, Copa América 2015, Argentina vs Jamaica

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