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Warwick Parish, known for its golf courses, horseback riding, and the island's best cliffs is home to Warwick Camp, where the British Imperial garrison had its rifle ranges and which today houses the Bermuda Regiment. Warwick's relatively rocky, steep beaches make it less popular for sunbathing than some other locations on Bermuda, while Chaplin ... Read more
and Stonehole Bays are picturesque convergences of sandy inlets. Head to Southlands Beach for one of the best stretches of sand and to The Swizzle for a bite to eat and a drink.

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Although often lumped into a group with islands of the Caribbean (probably thanks to the Beach Boys), Bermuda is actually much further north and thus has cooler weather in the winter than one might expect from ... Read more
somewhere “tropical.” The temperatures in the 60s and low 70s (18-22C) from December through March are great for golfing and getting off-season rates, but not as much for lying on the beach or spending time in the water. High season in Bermuda is when the climate is at its warmest, peaking around 85F (29C) in August. Hurricane season, which officially lasts from June to November, is cause for some concern when booking a trip, but Bermuda does see fewer storms than the mainland United States.

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