West Los Angeles is a district of Los Angeles encompassing multiple neighborhoods, including Mar Vista, Cheviot Hills, Venice and Westwood. The district is predominantly residential, but is also home to many commercial establishments of all types. It is a fairly affluent area, so housing is expensive and commerce is targeted up. West LA is a very ... Read more
liberal and progressive area and, due to its relative wealth, a constant player in regional and state politics. The district is widely viewed as one of the most desirable household locations in the United States, with access to quality education at all levels, very low crime rates and nice public parks being notable characteristics. Due to its residential nature, West LA is not often a tourist destination. Tourists generally prefer to visit the neighboring district of Santa Monica or close by Beverly Hills, which both have more hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions.

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  • Tastemade
    9.611 reviews
    Popular withFoodiesTrendsters
  • Levitated Mass
    8.76 reviews
    Sights and Museums, Landmark
    Popular withAdventureOutdoorsy
  • Santa Monica Swim Center
    9.65 reviews
    Tours, Classes and Rentals, Outdoors, Pool
    Popular withFamiliesOutdoorsy
  • 405 Freeway
    5.19 reviews
    Transportation, Road or Highway
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West Los Angeles


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  • Bru Haus
    8.128 reviews
    Burgers, Gastropub
    Popular withTrendstersNightlife
  • Blockheads Shavery
    8.643 reviews
    Ice Cream and Desserts
    Popular withFoodiesStudents
  • The Terrace
    9.513 reviews
    American, Seafood, Italian, Asian/Pacific,
    Popular withLuxuryTrendsters
  • Nobu Los Angeles
    10.04 reviews
    Asian/Pacific, Japanese, Sushi
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West Los Angeles

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Local from Greater Los Angeles, California, USA

Enjoy the time spent here at best of best West los angeles ,it is awesome and you will always remember....,awesomeness,awesome,awesome

Recommended for:Art & Design LoversBackpackersTrendstersAdventure Travelers

Located on Corinth & Santa Monica blvd, the west la farmers market is awesome! Tons of free parking, amazing crepes, good assortment of baked goods, veggies& fruits My favorite is the garlic marinated green olives & jolty flavorful coffee. Best thing: never crowded! Sundays only, 9-2

Recommended for:Outdoor EnthusiastsFamily TravelersFoodiesGreen Travelers
Local from Los Angeles, California, USA

If not for the parking, I'd say five stars. There are some great neighborhoods here with a ton of food options. Eat to you heart's content and then go enjoy the sunset over the ocean. I love the Sawtelle region and random gems like A Frame. Just be prepared for tons of traffic as you meander through the streets and fight for a spot to park.

Recommended for:FoodiesTrendsters
San Luis Obispo

West LA is a sprawling grid of urban blocks, with the UCLA campus at the hub of many Big Blue Bus services that connect to Santa Monica. If you've got money to spend, the cafes, boutiques and high-end restaurants here will appeal. If you're on a budget, check out the student haunts closer to campus.

Recommended for:Students
New York City, New York State, USA

West LA is probably what you think of when you think about Los Angeles or southern California. The beach scene can be nice, once you get to the beach and park. The freeways aren't so much fun, though.

Local from Pasadena, California

Being in close proximity to the beach, the weather is fairly mild. The traffic along the 405 is HORRENDOUS.

Local from Los Angeles, California

LA is a unique beast. All of the stereotypes are true -- Hollywood is fake, excessive; the traffic is horrid all the time; Angelenos tend to forget that there's a world beyond the sun-soaked paradise they exist in. BUT, once you can accept all of that as true, the real beauty and allure of LA shine through. It is a city of immigrants and transplants, searching for the promise of new chances and opportunities with each sunny day. It's a place where "old money" won't necessarily get you further than a determined attitude and a pretty face. A place where, no matter who you are an what your last paycheck looked like, you can have the time of your life, if you're willing to drive 20 minutes. It's a beautiful chaos, and you can't quite understand how it is functioning, but it keeps right on going. Dazzle and glamour, beaches and bikinis. LA's got it all, of you just take the time to get to know it a little better.

Local from Los Angeles, California, USA

West LA encompasses Beverly Hills and everything west of the 405 freeway. It is the glamour and beach bum attitude that LA is famous for. Seclude yourself in the Bungalows at the Beverly Hills Hotel or at a hidden cove in Malibu. Yuppies abound in these richer neighborhoods of LA.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Grew up in West Los Angeles. Born in 1954 and lived there until 1996. It was the perfect place to group. Parks, movies, pools, the beach 6 miles away, places to ride our bikes, vacant lots to play in, plenty of neighborhood stores where everybody knew you and your family. It was starting to get a
Title run down when I left and in my visits back since I left I don't
Ike the area at all. Extremely crowded, dirty, homeless, horrible traffic, all the stores have bars and the houses and apartments do also. Just a very tired, worn down place now. I wish I had never gone back because it makes me sad to think how much my "special place" growing up is now just a shell of what it was. I wouldn't go to West LA for anything now.

Local from Beverly Hills, United States (USA)

My home away from home, even though its HOME! Does that make sense... Nomad at heart, but Angelino at soul, Los Angeles is where the sun is, and I can dance even when the clouds wrestle...its my home