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Although Afghanistan is a country blessed with sweeping landscapes and beautiful views, it has been plagued by war and strife in recent years. With centuries-old bazaars settled in windy alleyways and a wealth of cultural sites like the ruins of the Darul Aman Palace and the Id Gah Mosque, Kabul …

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Things to see and do in Kabul

worldreport | FlickrMausoleum of Nadir Shah
Mausoleum of Nadir Shah
Harold | Trip by SkyscannerAbdul Rahman Mosque
Abdul Rahman Mosque
Pete Baez | Trip by SkyscannerBagram Airfield
Bagram Airfield
Lauras Eye | FlickrOmar Land Mine Museum
Omar Land Mine Museum

Reviews of Kabul

HaroldBrooklyn, État de New York, États Unis

One of the most fascinating places I have visited. Security is definitely a concern but safer than you might assume. It is very important to plan your visit carefully. I highly recommend working with Afghan Logistics to ensure a safe trip. The city exudes culture / atmosphere and has a number of interesting monuments / tourist sights. It is gritty but I found it beautiful. When visiting the city, ask for guidance on where and when you can take photographs. Locals are easily upset by photo taking. Pictures of police, soldiers, convoys, etc. are prohibited. Note: if you are driving, confirm with locals regarding procedures for driving near military convoys.

Jaak Treiman
Jaak TreimanLos Angeles, California, USA

Kabul is a city of contradictions and unfulfilled promises. It would be a beautiful city if it weren’t so ugly. Rugged, snow-covered mountains dimly visible through thick layers of smoke, dust and diesel fumes surround the city. Palace ruins partially rim the city, ruins barely accessible on muddy roads curving along mountainsides littered with unexploded land mines. Kabul is a former oasis, blessed with abundant subterranean water no longer potable because of nonexistent sewage disposal facilities. The city is bisected by a river that once entertained and distinguished it but has been reduced to a scavengers’ cesspool. Its university shuts down for three winter months because it lacks power for heating. It is a place of entrepreneurs, filled with mostly bored security guards casually holding Kalashnikovs as their compatriots seek employment among a cornucopia of aid givers.

Ismail Bigzad
Ismail Bigzad

I had a good time here and very happy

Subria  Alizada
Subria Alizada


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