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This territory of Angola is separated from its mother country by the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even though Cabinda has a population less than half that of the city of San Francisco, the people of this 7,823 km2 chunk of Africa have been launching secessionist movements for decades. While peace …

Reviews of Cabinda

Summer Wilms
Summer WilmsFremantle, Australia

It isn't fair to say that I liked it or didn't like it. It took me just over a day to drive through there. The most I saw of the country was the immigration offices. Those people were very nice - especially for border officials. Frankly, that was a little unnerving. I'm not used to that. From what I did see, the enclave has been very busy when it comes to trying to gain independence from Angola that they've neglected to make tourism a priority (the nerve! Right?). So, a fine place to pass through if you need to but I wouldn't recommend you start planning for that "dream Cabinda vacation" anytime soon.

Jony Lg
Jony LgCabinda

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