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When most people think of an alpine vacation they usually do not think of Argentina but San Carlos de Bariloche, or Bariloche for short, will give skiers, snowboarders, nature lovers as well as outdoor enthusiasts alike every reason to include it on their short-list of alpine destinations. Located on the …

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Reviews of San Carlos de Bariloche

Paul @ OLIVE THIEFOakland, California, USA

Imagine an idyllic Swiss mountain town - crisp blue lakes, white capped mountains, people strolling around with a box of chocolates in their arms - that's Bariloche! It is a great town to visit for a few days - treat yourself to the delicious food and of course, a nice bottle of wine. Go on hikes or drives around to see the scenery too. Interesting side note: the town is famous for the high school parties - every year the graduating students pile into buses and head from Buenos Aires to this town for a roaring good time and late night dancing. Don't let that spoil your plans. You can focus on the chocolate shops and nice dinners!

Liza Prado
Liza PradoDenver, Colorado, USA

If you're in Bariloche, consider taking the Lake Crossing Tour to the Chilean Lake District, a spectacular region dotted with emerald-colored lakes and snow-capped volcanoes--there are various tours in the region as well as a good ski resort. The trip is a one-of-a-kind boat and bus trip that takes you from Bariloche, Argentina to Puerto Montt/Puerto Varas, Chile. The trip crosses the Andes via several isolated roads and gorgeous lakes. The views are amazing. Tour operators on both ends offer the trip.

Gadi Lahav
Gadi LahavTel Aviv, Israel

nice town, but eventually boring. If you're coming from Bolivia or peru, you enjoy the good facilities, but if you start your trip here, it is bit that exciting. You can eat well and travel around 7 lakes (siete lagos) which is a great route

Nomadic by Nature
Nomadic by NatureNairobi, Kenya

A small town that appears to have a deal of money. Fueled by tourists for the winter ski season, and summer trekkers, they sell exhilaration and beauty. Great food as well: boar ravioli, deer, and fresh trout. In the summer, bring backpacking and fishing gear, and use Bariloche as a luxurious base camp.

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