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The capital of Aruba, Oranjestad literally means “orange town.” Vacationers make their way into Aruba via the nearby Queen Beatrix International Airport or constantly docking cruise ships. Oranjestad’s and Aruba’s Dutch roots are visible throughout the city in place names and brightly colored, preserved examples of Dutch colonial architecture in …

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Things to see and do in Oranjestad

Marie Rainbow | Trip by SkyscannerDive Aruba
Dive Aruba
Steve Baumgartner | Trip by SkyscannerCasibari Boulders
Casibari Boulders
roger4336 | FlickrAyo Rock Formations
Ayo Rock Formations
James Gross | Trip by SkyscannerAbandoned Gold Mine
Abandoned Gold Mine
c&rdunn | FlickrRed Sail Sports
Red Sail Sports
Veronica V | Trip by SkyscannerAtlantis Submarines Aruba
Atlantis Submarines Aruba
John Abdou | Trip by SkyscannerDe Palm Tours Aruba
De Palm Tours Aruba
brewbooks | FlickrAruba Aloe  Museum
Aruba Aloe Museum
Martin Moore | Trip by SkyscannerCrystal Casino
Crystal Casino

Reviews of Oranjestad

Ara Armas
Ara Armas

Is a beautiful place great for relax time weather with friend or family. There always fun things to do.

Julie Curnick
Julie Curnick

We love Aruba! Beautiful beaches, amazing ocean, fantastic restaurants, and extremely safe island with very nice local people.

@Ty_reigns  @ABlackGirlGone
@Ty_reigns @ABlackGirlGone

Aruba was amazing. One of the best things to do is the ABC tour they have a full day and a half day. I was so exhausted after the half day it was completely worth it and anyone who goes must to do the ABC tour or you will regret it! I also stayed at a beautiful Airbnb which I plan to book again! The vibe on the island is extremely relaxed they call it one happy Island. Virtually crime-free, with a small exception which they will tell you about, everyone was so friendly and helpful and they speak multiple languages so it's pretty inclusive. I promise if you go to Aruba you won't regret it! Stop saying you're going to do it and just book it already!

Mike Howard
Mike HowardSeattle, Washington, USA

I’m just off the intersection of Fokkerstraat and Guterberg Straat, or Beligie and Arendstraat, or even Wilhelmina and Nieuw Straat. I’m drinking a kopstoot—near-frozen jenever gin with a beer chaser (if I was a real traditionalist, I’d have poured a shot of gin into a fluted glass and topped it off with beer). It’s 88 degrees F, and I have a picnic hamper full of stuffed cheese, bitterballen and little meat pies. I am en route to the white sands of Eagle Beach, trying to decide between diving one of two shallow-water WWII-era wrecks. Where am I?

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