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Dreaming of a vacation in Australia? Look no further than Broken Hill. It has something for everyone including Broken Hill NSW 2880 and Pro Hart Gallery. Even better, vacations to Broken Hill don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best …

Reviews of Broken Hill

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney, Australia

It's difficult to get more typically Aussie than Broken Hill -- a town whose name is essentially synonymous would the Australian Outback. And an outback town it is! A gigantic mine looms over the south side of town, many of the main streets are named for minerals (Gypsum St, anyone?) and the landscape all around is rocky desert scrub for miles and miles and miles. There's a quaint main street with a number of cracking country pubs, and though you probably wouldn't want to spend a week here, it makes an awesome bit of Australiana for a stopoff on your way across the country.

Margaret Miles
Margaret Miles

One of our favourite holiday spots ... its in the middle of no where but the cross roads to every where. From here we have been to Adelaide, Corner Country, Silverton, I was lucky enough to get a Pro Hart screen print, ok there were 250 done but I am proud of it, and the Pro Hart mugs and puzzles the Gallery is fabulous especially the Rolls. We left the Gallery to do when we had Mum with us and it was worth the wait. We usually stay at the Caravan Park or Silver City Motel they are opposite each other, and have been out to the Desert sculptures and all around the town, when we think of Broken Hill the one thing that we always say together is "yo Camel" from Char when she was taking photos and yes the Camel looked directly at her and she got a great shot.

Jenny Thompson
Jenny ThompsonWagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia

Very interesting town, loads to see and do there, visit Silverton

Tim Niedorfer
Tim NiedorferAdelaide, Australia

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