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The opal capitol of the world is not only known for its precious stones but for its unusual “dugout” underground homes, church and hotels. With average temperatures reaching over 40 degrees Celsius in the summer, residents moved underground to combat the heat. Mine tours, opal shopping, and staying at one …

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Umoona Opal Mine & Museum

Reviews of Coober Pedy

Tyson Bramer
Tyson BramerLos Angeles, California, USA

A great stopping point for a journey to Uluru. There are quite a few things to stop and see here, but most of them seems a bit drab and dated.

Trip Editorial Team
Trip Editorial TeamMenlo Park, California, USA

In part because this small Australian town grew out of an opal mining operation, but also because summertime temperatures can climb above 120 degrees F, many locals actually live underground. Not only that, but much of town life also takes place underground. Visitors can check out art galleries and a church, as well as shop for opals and even stay overnight, all under several layers of dirt.

Travel + Leisure
Travel + LeisureNew York City, New York State, USA

If the Apocalypse happens, this southern outback outpost will be ready: half of its 4,000 locals live underground, a vestige of a post-World War I opal mining boom that saw newly arrived solider-prospectors sleeping in dugouts. That and daytime temps in excess of 120 degrees. (Coober Pedy takes its name from the Aboriginal phrase for “white man in a hole.” Seriously.) Stay in an underground hotel and explore restaurants, art galleries, and a church, all below grade. Venture outdoors to play a round of grassless golf and see desert landscapes made famous in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Pitch Black.

Summer Wilms
Summer WilmsFremantle, Australia

It's not much to look at but you don't come to Coober Pedy for the views; you come for the opal. You won't have to look far to find them as every opal dealer is sandwiched between two others.