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Dreaming of a vacation in Belarus? Look no further than Brest. It has something for everyone including Brest Fortress and Belavezhskaja Pushcha. Even better, vacations to Brest don't need to be expensive. We compare hundreds of flight and hotel options to find you the best deal available, leaving you with …

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Rachel S
Rachel SBerlin, Germany

Brest is a very clean and polished city right across the Polish border. It still retains its former Soviet character with huge high-rises and rickety vehicles on the roads. Its Fortress is the main sight: it's a very impressive and touching tribute to the many lives lost in 1941.

Francis Tapon
Francis TaponSan Francisco, California, USA

On my way out of Belarus, I would visit the border town of Brest, which has the best Soviet WWII memorial in the world. The Brest Fortress defends the confluence of the Buh and Mukhavets Rivers. For one cruel month in 1941, Soviet soldiers fought to the death against the Nazis. The relentless German siege consumed Soviet supplies and energy. Although the Soviets lost that battle, it cost the Germans dearly. In honor of those who fought so valiantly, a gigantic soldier’s head, carved from a single rock, dominates the center of the memorial. The sculpture’s name is Valor. Next to it, an obelisk pierces the sky, an enormous eternal flame burns, and violin-filled music that sounds like “Adagio for Strings” plays in the background. If this memorial doesn’t move you, none will.

Alex Sai
Alex SaiMinsk

Брестская крепость - герой. Замечательное место для посещения всей семьей. Не забудьте посетить также музей железнодорожной техники неподалеку!

Sveta Berlyant
Sveta BerlyantTarzana

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